Revelatory Update 2020 [URANTIA MILLENNIUM III]

Revealing the current state of universe circumstances in Nebadon, in association with the archangel Deleari, a liaison, and confidant of Elan Abai Melchizadek, the Sage of Capri, acting as primary correlate of the Avonal Teaching Missions; and Trinitized Messenger associates assigned to existential planetary operatives in Norlatiadek, in conjoint association with a host of authorized universe liaisons enlisted in the restructured Supreme Forces of Lanandatia, by mandate of the Magnificent Forces of The Eternal Christ of Nebadon, under the guidance of her majesty, Christa Maya, the Universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon.

Communications responsible for the materialization of these works are attributed to Paramahansa Yogananda, a modern disciple of Jesus Christ, who imparted the technique of Kriya Yoga which was practiced by contact author, and thereby accelerated communion and fusion with the indwelling “Truth Adjuster”.

For centuries, the ancient breath mastery technique of Kriya was lost due to Caligastia’s defection, but revived during the 20th century by Yogananda, and was an essential technique employed for materializing these works which were transcribed by providence of a personalized adjutant network of the Infinite Spirt, in conjunction with the personalized Adjuster of a singular contact personality who will remain anonymous.

From the Contact Personality:

I dedicate these works to Paramahansa Yogananda, who is my teacher, faithful guide, loyal friend, and a devoted messenger of Christ. I was an underachiever and a high school dropout, who now realizes, first hand, the truth and reality surrounding the Urantia Papers, and the potentials we all possess. I have been given a task of great import and it has made me a true believer.

Anonymous- 2018

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