Prelude to the Origins of 20th Century Music on Urantia

[20th Century Music on Urantia is a forthcoming narrative which will be presented by an Ambassador of Artisan Modalities in association with the Lanandatia Corps for the Preservation of Planetary Arts and Sciences, with transcripts gated from The Akasita Archives.]

With respect to our forthcoming documentary entitled “UR Blues -The Origins of 20th Century Music on Urantia”, and despite the known dissonances of wide spread substance abuse, the music of Urantia’s 20th century uniquely ushered in an unprecedented era of human fellowship and a heightened desire of an entire generation to discover the attributes of God.

We are committed to provide accurate and perhaps entertaining accounts of the time/life journeys of certain individuals who have had an impact on the cultural and sociological achievements of your planet, particularly in the realm of musical arts, which our agency is currently commissioned and authorized to reveal. Relevant subject matter, extrapolated from The Sacred Accession Records on Salvington, contains the names and plight of certain individuals who profoundly uplifted planetary arts and cultures.

We have also been instructed to present our narratives in a dramatic format and to “disclose informative missing history in chronological sequence which otherwise would be unavailable in the existing archives on your world,” and, to “clarify or correct” that which has been conveyed by conjecture of vague and potentially inaccurate information, thus redefining subject matter which resulted from reliance on the limited resources currently available to planetary cultures through mundane sources.

Also contained in our narratives are relevant accounts of the experiences and human dramas which culminated to form your 20th century music. Be it known that certain associated realities, including seraphic and midwayer interactions are not disclosed. Specific origins are revealed which have initiated a sequence of events that have inspired the development of your modern musical styles, compositions, instruments, and associated idioms.

In certain instances, relevant accounts were supplemented by the crystal memory matrix of Aanon, a recording Seraphim who was assigned to the personal monitoring of a certain individual who became the first person to initiate a form of music on Urantia known as “the Blues”. Also depicted are key events which have resonated through time and continue to inspire the most gifted musicians and artisans of your world. Although certain instances of these presentations may be construed as such, these narratives are not designated to be cosmological or religious revelations previously disseminated in the Urantia Papers of A.D. 1934. The characterizations and dramatizations are depicted in a basic sophomoric fashion and for the most part, are void of sophisticated universal terminologies. UR Blues, The Origins of 20th Century Music on Urantia will present a unique, but basic dramatization which is otherwise, unavailable in your existing planetary archives, thus accomplishing the task which we are assigned and commissioned to disclose.

As part of our ongoing mission, and throughout Urantia’s third millennium from the times of the bestowal event of The Sovereign Christ Michael on Urantia, our presentations are mandated to accomplish a specific task at hand which is, “To provide insights into human personality growth, cultural evolution, and spiritual achievement afforded by the transforming power of faith which culminates in salvation and re-personalization in life everlasting by providence of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in your world.”

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