The Purpose of Revelation and The Law of Minimization

[Presented by an Ambassador of Wisdom]

We are extremely aware of the limitations inherent in our mission to reveal new truths and concepts which are expressed with written words, and the inherent limitations we encounter in presenting new concepts and terminologies which are foreign to the human mind, and that which had no previous point of expression in the English tongue, neither material or abstract. Written words never convey the actual experience, and written words are always subject to the comprehension and interpretation of the reader. These are inherent dangers of dogmatism.

Experience is the direct witnessing of actuality, thereby developing the ability to recognize cause and effect, and learning the application of values. Experience also provides a vantage point beyond written words, speculation, hypothesis, or theory. Truth, in any, and every circumstance or scenario, is the actual source of relativity, and the cause of all resultant effects. On deeper levels of reality, universal truth is the cause of all causes. Truth is stationary in relation to the “ever-changing”. Truth is always absolute and never hypothetical, but at certain times, truth is an enigma. Facts are not necessarily truth. Facts are time conditioned and subject to change. What is a fact today, is not necessarily factual tomorrow. But truth will always remain absolute, irrespective of fact or circumstance.




During the course of life’s circumstances, many instances are often negatively confronted with “road-blocks” that occur during a journey. This negative dampening effect, in actuality, positively serves to motivate progress by suppression. For a “potential’ to become a maximized expression, minimization must occur. It concept is as simple as compressing a spring, or the drawing back of a bow, which is retrograde energy/motion. Each of these mechanisms function on the “law of minimization”. Energy never ceases to exist as either tension, or release. This is the basic law of energy. With minimization, energy does not cease to exist, it assumes a different “posture”.


Compressing a spring allows it to gain potential that would not be present during its resting state i.e. If the spring were not compressed, it would remain stagnant. Static energy must always be present for any motion to occur. The greater the minimization (compression), the greater the progressive release, or maximization. A molecules in a piece of coal become minimized(compressed) by pressure and time, and eventually, the coal transforms into a diamond.

Most sages and profits have lived very basic, “minimized” lives, evidenced by the life of Jesus Christ, who possessed only the basic necessities of the world. In worldly terms, Jesus’ life was minimized, and by the same token, he reached mankind’s greatest heights. “It is easier to lead a rope (or “camel”) through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Sacrifice and denial produces minimization, but, provided there is the employment of faith. Minimization creates potential. The release of potential, and most important, faith must be manifest in order for progress to be actualized. The “Book of Job” is an example of minimization, and an exemplification of the test of faith.

A maximum is the ultimate actualization of potential. A sine wave exemplifies the proportional rise and fall of vibration. The greater the rise, the greater the fall. The lowest of lows, thus becomes the highest of highs. Potentials occur either by the impingement, and release of external, or internal forces. Otherwise, inertia in its potential state remains inactive. All matter is energy in various phases. In the present universe age, the laws of inertia are well defined.

The Isle of Paradise is the source of all energy, and at the same “time”, the most minimized, quintessential, infinitesimal particle of creation. Static energy is the manifestation of the past and present, potentials are the future.

In the worlds of time and space, ever are we confronted with the forever changing amidst the unchanging. Facts and circumstances are time conditioned. Facts, irrespective of what is actually true, stand in need of revision as time progresses. Facts are not always truth, but rather, circumstances. The word “circumstance” denotes a circumferential reality which surrounds the stationary center, which is unchangeable truth.

We know that truth conditions time, but is truth conditioned by time? The answer rests in the experience of the evolving Supreme Being, and remains a “secret of supremacy.” What is the difference between coal and a diamond? They are extremely different, but in essence, they are both the same. Can we safely assert that a diamond is coal? This is an example of time conditioning.

Forever are we challenged by what we do not know. Revelation is not a solution, but rather, a providence and guideline which stimulates faith, realization, and wisdom. Revelation also provides a method to enhance personal religious experience by providing a map of a journey. The actual journey, we must take for ourselves.

Realization is the result of solidifying a belief system based on understanding postulates, facts, and hypothesis, resulting in a deeper understanding which leads to truth. Written words reflect circumstantial evidence, but the realization of truth is solely a personal experience beyond the written word, with the mind arriving at a conclusion that was not evident with fact or hypothesis. Realization is always a personal conviction.

Faith is assurance in what is not evident. Trust is the personal, limitless conviction of faith and is a rock steady assurance beyond fact, limitation, or circumstances, free from the fetters of worry and uncertainty. “Unshakable trust” is the earmark of “true faith.” Faith and trust combined equal devotion.

Mind and soul are the cumulative evolution of the experiences of the cosmic mind of the Supreme Being. Evolution the result of the experiences of mind and soul. Wisdom is the realization of values and the coordination of fact and truth applied to experience. Love is the expression of truth, beauty, and goodness. Truth, beauty, and goodness are the ultimate expressions of love, in the endless cycles of life.

All planets, stars, and moons are assigned a perfect axis (motion) and are are positioned in interactive synchronicity (harmonious relationship) with each other, that originates from the center of all things, joined on a triune fulcrum that balances all energy, time and space, cause and effect, destiny and fate, which is the origin of the cycles of eternity. The fulcrum is the Paradise Trinity, the quintessential cause of all realities.


Perfection is a pre-imminent, quintessential reality that transcends all levels of existence. Perfection is pre-reality, and the master pattern all things Revelation is always an exposition, and the discovery of truth.


In the final analysis, it is our mission to provide an exemplification of the actualization of potentials equally available and attainable by individuals of all races and cultures on Urantia. This is the underlying purpose of the revelations we present. Realization remains a personal religious experience. The one, true religion, is a personal relationship with God. We know whereof we speak.*

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