The Arraignment of Lucifer before The Ancients of Days

[Presented by a Universal Messenger]

Upon the completion of Christ Michael’s bestowal missions, Lucifer was apprehended and brought to justice via transport of two primary seconaphim, and extradited directly to an isolated detention sphere in Uversa, then ordered to stand trial in indictments initiated by Gabriel of Salvington, representing the authority of The Forces of the Eternal Christ of Nebadon.

Not until your more recent centuries was Satan apprehended, along with other system rebels. But Caligastia, yet, continues to roam free on Urantia, and wants mortals to believe he no longer exists. Caligastia Cesares 1, poses under the guise of a “holy man”. And for many centuries, he remained anonymous and well hidden in central Europe and the Middle East, but we are not permitted to give further details regarding Caligastia’s actual whereabouts, but we will say that although he is confined, he is operative.

Gabriel of Salvington was commissioned to initiate the trial of the widespread system rebellion of Nebadon. Since that time, Lucifer, and most system rebels, (except for the fallen Caligastia, and a number of his rebel midwayer co-conspiritors), have been apprehended, and all remain sequestered on detention spheres, yet awaiting adjudication.

Nebadon administrators, in response to Gabriel’s request, also had the apprehension of certain system rebels deferred until after the bestowal missions of Christ Michael were completed, and whereby Michael gained supreme authority over all Nebadon, and the power to prosecute, or determine the fate of all system rebels.

Lucifer’s arraignment was also adjourned for more than four and a half years (of Uversa standard time) during Christ Michael’s bestowal mission on Urantia, and, more than several hundred years (of Urantia time) after Christ Michael’s successful bestowal missions had transpired, had the trial of the Lucifer rebellion finally come to be heard.

The transcripts of the arraignment of Lucifer before The Ancients of Days were documented in the permanent Akastia Archives by a specially assigned Seraphim of Records, who was present in the courtroom.* * *

Transcripts of Gabriel of Salvington vs. Lucifer Filius 37 of Nebadon

[Gated from The Akastia Archives on Uversa, with supplemental commentary provided by a Perfector of Wisdom.]

The chief justice of the tribunal assigned to hear this case formally brought the court to order and opened the trial by declaring, “With the supreme powers vested in us by The Universal Father, The Eternal Son, and The Infinite Spirit, and whose Will we are eternally endowed to reflect, we hereby convene to discover the fundamental motives and intents which have caused unprecedented upheavals in the worlds of Nebadon, Orvonton.” “Upheavals with many detrimental repercussions.” “Upheavals with many souls lost to the fury of discourse, and, in a portion of Orvonton that once flourished with Life, Light, Peace, and Hope.” “And we, the Most Honorable Ancients, presiding over this Most High Court of Uversa, hereby vow to carefully listen, and diligently evaluate the evidence, the motives, and the intent of the defendant, and once we have weighed all the facts with the truth, then, and only then, will we cast our judgements based not on fact, but on truth, the absolute truth, and only the truth.” “Be it of record, here and now, the trial of The Bright and Morning Star, Gabriel of Salvington, Nebadon vs. Sir Lucifer Filius 37 of Nebadon, has this moment, begun and the court is now in session.” “All present in this court are hereby required to rise before the Trinitized Tabernacle of Justice.”

The entire court arose accordingly, but Lucifer did not stand erect.

The chief justice then ordered, “The representative for the prosecution will now come forward, and state the allegations.”

Gabriel came forward and opened by motioning to the court that Lucifer’s personal counselor be debarred on the grounds of a “conflict of interest”, said motion, “denied.”

The chief justice added, “The defendant is entitled to personal counsel.” “We will continue.”

Gabriel came forward and proceeded to make his opening statement in which he brought forth a multitude of charges against Lucifer, among them, an indictment charging Lucifer with “619 counts of inciting planetary conspiracies throughout Satania, with intent to overthrow the universe government of Nebadon,” which Gabriel charged, “Lucifer devised as part of his nefarious scheme and destructive manifesto,” in which he perpetrated “619 counts of violation of universe law, and 3 counts of breaking and entering the Akastia Temple on Jerusem, and by which the rebel forces, led by Lucifer, subsequently sabotaged, distorted, corrupted, destroyed, and murdered vital living records, and furthermore, the rebel forces, led by Lucifer, attempted to hold hostage, volumes of privileged and sacred records, in execution of Lucifer’s nefarious agenda.”

Gabriel proceeded with more indictments also charging Lucifer with “101 counts of obstructing Universe Justice throughout the 100 Systems of Norlatiadek, and on Edentia.”

Gabriel alleged that, “Lucifer conspired with Nebadon system administrations to instigate a conspiracy which would eliminate the established 570 progressive morontia embodiment programs for training mortals in Nebadon, and which,” Gabriel claimed, “would destroy the destiny of hundreds of billions of souls throughout Nebadon.”

Gabriel also charged, “The defendant, by self-proclamation, became the commander and chief of rebel forces that caused wide spread death, chaos, and innumerable damages throughout the vast galactic systems of Nebadon, with repercussions that will last forever.”

In his final and most serious allegation, Gabriel charged Lucifer with instigating the murder of Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia, alleging, “By a series of conspiracies, rebellious upheavals, and the most serious of all offences, the defendant attempted to sabotage the mission of a Creator Son by instigating the torturous crucifixion and murder of Jesus of Nazareth, in Christ Michael’s bestowal mission on Urantia, and with the motive to overthrow, abolish, and attain complete leadership and control over Urantia, and the entire universe of Nebadon.”

A flurry of whispers filled the court room and the Chief Justice slammed down his gavel, and ordered, “Those present in this courtroom will remain silent.”

Gabriel closed his oratory by telling the court,“This, and more, will I bring before this Honorable Court of The Most Highs.” Gabriel retreated back to his chair.

The Chief Justice now ordered, “The defendant and his counselor will step forward and state their defense.”

Lucifer and his counselor rose and stepped forward to address the tribunal. But just as his counselor began to speak, Lucifer rudely interrupted him by blatantly interjecting, “My motives and actions were well justified, and the result of the continued, intentional, and gross negligence of Nebadon administrators, who…”

“My client must rely upon me to present these matters,” Lucifer’s counselor interjected.

The Chief Justice overruled the counselor by declaring, “The defendant, having unilaterally taken the floor, will continue.”

Lucifer continued, “Despite our numerous pleas for the assistance of the Melchizadeks and The Constellation Fathers of Nortlatiadek, they negligently ignored our requests, and allowed a series of defaults, and the miscarriage of essential planetary missions, time after time.”

“And time, and again, we requested their assistance in dispatching emergency Vorondadeks to our planets in need, but Nebadon officials continually failed us, thus breaching their fiduciary responsibility on hundreds of our worlds in Satania.”

Lucifer, in what was now becoming a verbal assault on the entire administration of Nebadon, fearlessly contended that, “Even the default of the Material Son and Daughter on Urantia was the result of procrastination by the Nebadon administration.”

Lucifer also accused universe administrators of, “negligently overlooking the fall of Dalamatia, the sinking of Eden, and the invasions by the Nephilim on Urantia, which resulted in the destruction of the vital Tree of Life.” Lucifer claimed that, “Nebadon administrators, despite Van’s numerous requests, failed to replace it, thus causing the unwarranted degradation and death to a multitude of beings, including fatalities to the Planetary Prince’s vital teaching staff on Urantia,”

Lucifer contended that, “There were also countless damages due to the negligent and reckless inception of the quarantine of Nortlatiadek”, which Lucifer charged, “purposely suppressed vital communications on thousands of inhabited planets in Norlatiadek, thus leading multitudes into ages of ignorance, intolerance, war, and death, all of which was the result of universe censorship, and all of which could have been avoided.”

Lucifer also contended, “There are yet those who blame my order of being, the Lanonandeks, for the atrocious acts of barbarism that plagued the worlds within our domain” “Despite our efforts to unify and balance the forces in Satania, our plans were continually rejected or ignored, causing severe degradation to our worlds and ultimately led to Joshua Ben Joseph being brutally shamed, tortured, and crucified.” Lucifer also admitted that the crucifixion was, “a shameful and sinister act, waged solely by the barbaric tribes of Urantia.”

Lucifer closed his oratory: “I stand before you as a victim, and one who has sustained insult added to injury.” “Many of the ignorant and uninformed who crucified Joshua ben Joseph, now believe his crucifixion was a dogmatic requirement to appease an angry god who demands his wrath be satisfied by the torture and brutal murder of his own son.” “I declare that such a ‘god’ does not exist.” “And these misguided zealots also believe, in some sordid way, such an atrocity was waged to benefit the salvation of their contemptuous souls.” “Such ignorance.”

“By what does a father require that his own son be punished for the benefit of the wrongdoer?” “Ludicrous, indeed.”

“But such savage ignorance was, in fact, the result of our teaching missions being postponed and eliminated by universe administrators, resulting in the intellectually impoverished entering into pagan rituals of primitive blood sacrifice based on ancient dogmatic theology and superstition, but such atrocious behavior, was, in fact, abominations waged by the hateful and unlettered, creating blasphemies of unrivaled proportion.”

“And after all was said and done, they sought to blame us for all their malicious deeds, and all that went wrong.” “They have proven themselves to be as useless as the cud.” “I need not wash my hands of this matter, for the blood of Joshua ben Joseph is not on them.”

A wave of whispers filled the court room and the Chief Justice slammed down his gavel. “There will be silence during the defendants testimony.” “The defendant will continue.”

Lucifer went on. “The worlds of Satania, and other systems in Nebadon, have long suffered from the denial and suppression of our Lanonandek function by the continued negligence of unresponsive, self-serving, foolishly tolerant universe administrators.”

At that point, Lucifer had gained the undivided attention of the entire courtroom, and the Tribunal was very attuned to Lucifer’s every word. An eerie silence prevailed while the Tribunal deliberated, and they seemingly had reached some sort of a decision. The Tribunal then asked Lucifer and his counselor that, prior to their rulings, if they would like to bring forth any additional points of contention, but Lucifer, again, interrupted his counselor’s closing oratory by foolishly yelling out, “Universe dictatorship !”

Lucifer’s counselor attempted to silence him again, but one of the judges ordered, “Allow the defendant to speak.”

Lucifer continued, “I object to a universe dictatorship which is autocratic and totalitarian.”

“I object to my client’s statements,” Lucifer’s counselor quickly interjected.

“Objection overruled!” the Chief Justice quickly responded, “The defendant is ordered to continue his testimony.”

Lucifer continued, “I initiated a….”

Again, Lucifer’s counselor interjected, “Let the record reflect that I have objected to my client’s testimony.”

The Chief Justice responded, “The record will duly reflect the counselor’s objection, and that his objection is over-ruled.” “The defendant is ordered to continue.”

Showing no remorse, and now displaying a deeper sense of rage, Lucifer continued, “I initiated a plan to eliminate an antiquated system which dictates an unnecessary, mandatory, and futile scheme to restrict the liberty and free will of immortal souls, with an agenda that unfairly imposes a long, contrived, evolutionary training program that gives universe administrators unwarranted powers by mind control, soul domination, and cosmic slavery.” “A system which I detest!”

A now grim faced Chief Justice warned Lucifer, “The Universe Justice System looks down upon traitors, conspirators, and acts of treason.”

Lucifer answered back, “I look down upon a system which is unethical, unsound, and holds its citizens captive with an obsolete system frozen in time.” 

“And I look down upon those who indoctrinate hidden agendas that prepare ascending mortals for some unknown, fabricated destiny of pure fiction.” “And I offer proof.” “Look at the bewildered Finaliters Corps on Jerusem.” “Perhaps your Akastia records may, or purposely may not show that after centuries of training by your system, they’re back where they started.” “In universe age, upon universe age, there has never been any clear cut evidence that the person whom you call ‘the universal father’, actually exists.”

Lucifer continued, “But, perhaps, such a god exists in the circuitry of your contrived mechanisms of animation, and perhaps such a god exists in the shallow corners of whimsical imagination, and perhaps such a god exists in the shadows of ink cast on paper, and in volumes of religious dogmatic propaganda, and in the minds of misguided fools.” “Can’t you see that the universe has incompetent leaders who created a god to be feared and reckoned with, so they could control the masses, and these same leaders rely on censorship and mechanisms of science fiction to perpetuate their hidden agendas and maintain their dictatorships?”

A flurry of whispers again filled the court room again and the Chief Justice slammed down his gavel. “There will be silence during the defendants testimony.” “The defendant will continue.

Lucifer then said, “What you call your ‘sacred archives’ prove not the existence of a creator beyond the god you have created.” “And perhaps such a god exists only by deceptive animation.” “And this fictitious, imaginary god is worshiped by multitudes who were led astray, and who now have been reduced to dependent followers of a fable.” “Such is likened unto a shepherd who leads his flock off a cliff,” “Who among us are willing to believe everything they read and see in network fairy tales?” “Your “akastia falsetta’ is a contrivance of censorship and a mechanism of supreme deception, created by tricksters and mad scientists in order to mask the incompetence of spineless universe administrators, enabling them to maintain power and control over the entire universe by instilling fear.”

Another flurry of whispers filled the court room and the Chief Justice slammed down his gavel again, “Silence in the court.” “Proceed.”

Lucifer’s rage continued, “My order of being are also blamed for purveying the fires of hell.” But we know better.” The fires of hell are of your design, and exist in your execution chambers.” And I look down upon judges that cast sentences of death by ordering the annihilation of living beings…judges who are partial to the system which they themselves created… judges who are tyrants and usurpers… judges who are foreign potentates that interfere with matters they know not…judges who cannot see past their own gavel, and judges, who, along with their blind executioners, should be debarred.” “This court should be debarred!” “Your entire system should be debarred!”

The Tribunal’s Chief Justice slammed his gavel down so hard this time, the entire courtroom seemed to shake as it echoed throughout the chambers. A deafening silence ensued.

Lucifer was declared in “blatant contempt” and the tribunal ordered that Lucifer be detained in strict confinement for the entire duration of the trial, “pending final judgement and sentencing.” Lucifer then attempted to stand up again with another angry rebuttal, but this time, his counselor succeeded in restraining him.

The counselor then motioned to the court, “Be it of record that I hereby resign from this case.”

The Chief Justice responded, “The request of the defendant’s counsel is hereby recognized by the court.” “The defendant has the option to proceed without personal counsel, but also maintains the option for a court appointed counselor, if he so chooses.”

The Chief Justice added, “The counselor for the defendant is hereby precluded from the attorney- client privilege, and may be called to testify as a witness against the defendant.” “This trial is hereby adjourned until further notice,” and the Chief Justice struck down his gavel, ending the session. Lucifer, now expressionless, remained silent as he was escorted out of the courtroom in between two seraphic guards and led to a temporary detention chamber.

During the course of these proceedings, in Lucifer’s futile attempt to circumvent this trial, gain rulership, and prove the effectiveness of his “Declaration of Freedom”, Lucifer entered a pro se motion that he and his cohorts be given independence and rulership over Galvonon, an undeveloped galactic system on the outskirts of Orvonton, but his bizarre motion was denied.

This slowly progressing, ongoing trial is expected to continue, at least, throughout the first half of Urantia’s third millennium, and contains a staggering amount of allowable evidence with a multitude of claims, counterclaims, and a slew of depositions being ordered and brought forth by both sides. These proceedings already contain testimony provided by more than 3,000 of approximately 8,000 witnesses expected to testify, with over 600 Vorondadek Sons subpoenaed, and who are offering testimony via encrypted Akastia networks. With the staggering amount of charges, witnesses, and additional evidence gated from the panoramic records (which were entered as evidence by both sides), the review, assimilation, and determination of such a tremendous magnitude of issues, allegations, and violations are requiring ages for the Tribunal to assimilate and reach a final ruling.

Gabriel of Salvington was delegated the task of prosecuting the trial of Lucifer, and to indict of all system rebels. However, Christ Michael is not expected to testify against Lucifer, although The Ancients of Days has the authority to demand testimony from a Creator Son.

The Uversa High Court system, in addition to Lucifer’s trial, is tremendously overloaded with a docket of literally millions of other cases, many which are rebellion related, including planetary territorial disputes, planetary government overthrows, encroachments of valuable planetary resources, planetary holocausts, and a multitude of personal disputes pertaining to seraphic-creature relationships and survival issues. Due to these contingencies, the trial of Gabriel vs. Lucifer has been subject to constant delays and extremely long adjournments.

Bear in mind that one year of Uversa standard time, (which is standard time in all seven superuniverses), translates into approximately 8.21 annual solar return orbits (years) of Urantia time.There is also conjecture that the trial of Gabriel vs. Lucifer was finally adjudicated. Make no assumption, for such hypothesis is but an optimistic delusion. Urantians should remain prudent of the preeminent sin and evil which still exists in your world, and thus become diligently aware of the fact that the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion is still very much in progress, and its repercussions still unfold.

The fates of Lucifer and other system rebels, remain undetermined. Although Lucifer and Satan currently remain sequestered and confined on detention spheres, contrary to certain assumptions, be it known that other system rebels such as the angry, fallen prince, Caligastia, and a certain number of his vagrant, rebel conspirators are yet free to exercise their nefarious and destructive agenda amongst the civilizations of Urantia.

But subsequent to the bestowal of Christ Michael in your world, which resulted in the Day of Pentecost, and the ministry of The Spirit of Truth, never can a rebellious creature willfully possess a human mind on Urantia. There were approximately 900 midwayers, who aligned with Caligastia’s staff and failed to join the forces of Christ Michael.

Currently, your modern “broadcast media” networks, and a number of “corporate empires” (though not all), are frequently under the negative influence of rebel midwayers who, by the formation of hidden, “secret societies”, for centuries, have continued to reek havoc by infiltrating world cultures with subversive and destructive agendas.

These rebellious zealots, in addition to forming evil “sub cultures”, continue to instigate the formation of repressive, false religions, and instigate the rise of destructive parasitic governments which thrive on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of mankind; all of which are established to control material wealth and maintain social and political power, in keeping the “status quo” on your planet.

Midway conspirators conspicuously, and auspiciously dominate the content of your “news”, which reflect the chaos they continue to cause on a daily basis. It is evident that their agenda is creating fear, greed, and death by favoring the wealthy and socially powerful, with an emphasis on the glorification of sex, money, murder, and destruction, using the mass media as their platform.

These invisible to the human eye, rebel variants, totaling 873 in number, (of originally 1,984 secondary midwayers brought into existence on Urantia), are sometimes referred to as “Jinns” in Islamic and Arabic theology, or “the demons of Beelzebub” in Anglo Saxon cultures, and under certain conditions, these semi-material beings are able to aid submissive humans, (and we emphasize the word “submissive”), in helping them perform frivolous “miracles” of a super-material nature by giving mortals what appears to be “super-human” powers.

But in effect, such “supernatural”, human exalting phenomena are dimensional illusions, executed by manipulating time and space, for in essence, such “super-human” phenomena are ultimately devised to discredit and diminish the authority and mastery of Jesus Christ in your world. Although these midwayers have super human powers, we do not see these fallen creatures aiding in solving problems that plague mankind, like eliminating hunger, disease, social, and religious indifference, although they possess the power to do so. They will be summoned to justify their ‘trickery”, and “neutralization” and annihilation may be their final destiny. Due to their misuse of divine forces, the transgressors energy and “mercy credits” are depleted.

Lanonandek Sons are the third order offspring of the Creator Son and The Universe Mother Spirit, and due to this fact, the Ancients of Days are extremely hesitant to deliver a verdict of annihilation to any Lanonandek Son. As a result, Lucifer, and his conspirator cohorts, continue to be proffered mercy, (which would put a prompt end to these proceedings), but time after time, they foolishly reject it.

Precisely when the Ancients of Days final rulings in the trial of Gabriel vs. Lucifer have been hypothesized and miscalculated. We cannot speculate, nor will we attempt to approximate how long the adjudication of the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer will take, for we do not know.

But we will make note that the actual time of final judgment and sentencing by The Tribunal assigned to this case may be nearer than expected. Being his own worst enemy, and due to Lucifer’s outlandish disrespect for the Uversa Supreme Court, a summary judgement in favor of Gabriel of Salvington by The Ancients of Days could occur at any time. The outstanding event which will signify the trial has been finally adjudicated will be the lifting of the quarantine of Norlatiadek, and restoration of the Akastia networks on all worlds in Nebadon, allowing for extra planetary communications throughout Norlatiadek.

Until then, certain conditions remain. Urantia will not, and cannot harmoniously and fruitfully evolve in planetary affairs, or attain complete stability during its current millennium without the continued, divine intervention of the ever faithful ministry of the Vonondadek Sons assigned to your world. Urantians also uniquely benefit from the installation of The Spirit of Truth, accomplished by our triumphant Sovereign Christ Michael’s bestowal mission as Jesus of Nazareth.

But fear not, for your magnificent destiny is paved. Although the system rebellion in Nebadon has transpired for many centuries of Urantia time, and may have retarded planetary and system evolution as a whole, (which Urantia has already sustained a long and checkered history of defaults and rebellion), these issues do not necessarily deter the personal attainment of human souls in your world.

To the contrary, amongst the hundreds of billions of inhabited worlds in the superuniverse of Orvonton, Urantia is among the precious few, and most fortunate. Your saving grace is the bestowal of the Creator Son as Jesus of Nazareth, a rare and divine apparition of a supernal, deified presence that uniquely separates the plight of your planet, and its inhabitants from billions of others. Ever since Christ Michael’s bestowal as Jesus Christ, he reclaimed your world and forever redeemed human life on Urantia (which previously had been deprived of certain biologic and genetic attributes, suffered by deficiencies due to the default of Adam and Eve, and the collapse of vital teaching missions).

Nonetheless, the Urantian human life form, which is now endowed with the Nebadon modified, Orvonton type mind, is forever sanctified, glorified, and immortalized by the actual occupational presence and personality attributes of the Universe Sovereign Christ becoming man, and who triumphantly paved a divine and magnificent path for all souls originating and sojourning through your world; a world and its inhabitants which are now blessed with the unique and unequivocal opportunity to achieve the greatest heights of evolutionary experience, attainment, and service in the universes of time and space, and for all ages; culminating in the distinct honor of Urantia mortals to eventually achieve Destiny Adjuster fusion, and becoming mustered into The Corps of the Finality (provided Trinitization is not previously attained, which would preempt personal evolutionary training); thus redeeming a vast pool of souls in your world who are now beckoned for the attainment of Havona citizenship in the Central Universe, and the opportunity to advance onward to the magnificent and eternal shores of Paradise. This is truly a blessing of magnificent proportion to all Urantians.

And subsequent to the verdict by The Ancient of Days in the trial of Gabriel vs. Lucifer, the Quarantine of Norlatiadek will be rescinded and most of the universe broadcast networks of Norlatiadek (including your local universe of Lanandatia) will be restored, thereby accelerating and broadening the scope of technology on Urantia, forever. Universe administrators, in association with the Constellation Fathers, The Most Highs of Norlatiadek, continue to seek an expedient closure of this case for the benefit of the entire Norlatiadek system and Nebadon.

Until such time, the Akastia Record remains a work in progress to benefit all beings. The Askastia Archives on Salvington and Uversa can be accessed only by an official resolution of an authorized supreme council, whereby we, as well as certain qualified universe agencies in good standing have been granted limited access.


  1. Yvone Rime

    There is power in God through Jesus to overcome Satan in believer’s lives. The Bible says, “They overcome him with the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony…”


    Unless the Paradise Trinity speak directly to us, revelation via other universal higher Personalities may contain minor errors in terms of numbers and dates. This Paradise mental software called ‘Spirit of Truth’ installed by Christ Michael in my mind makes me believe that these revelations are true and require full attention and credit.

  3. Entheosis

    “Currently, your modern “broadcast media” networks, and a number of “corporate empires” (though not all), are frequently under the negative influence of rebel midwayers who, by the formation of hidden, “secret societies”, for centuries, have continued to reek havoc by infiltrating world cultures with subversive and destructive agendas.”

    The quote above contradicts the UB 77:7.2 The original number of secondary midwayers was 1,984, and of these 873 failed to align themselves with the rule of Michael and were duly interned in connection with the planetary adjudication of Urantia on the day of Pentecost. No one can forecast the future of these fallen creatures.
    77:7.3 Both groups of rebel midwayers are now held in custody awaiting the final adjudication of the affairs of the system rebellion. But they did many strange things on earth prior to the inauguration of the present planetary dispensation.
    77:7.4 These disloyal midwayers were able to reveal themselves to mortal eyes under certain circumstances, and especially was this true of the associates of Beelzebub, the leader of the apostate secondary midwayers. But these unique creatures must not be confused with certain of the rebel cherubim and seraphim who also were on earth up to the time of Christ’s death and resurrection. Some of the older writers designated these rebellious midway creatures as evil spirits and demons, and the apostate seraphim as evil angels.

    That is straight to the point fact. Unfortunately, I am afraid, as amusing the material seems to be, it may not be that authentic. Hopefully such an update would be available soon, but I recommend do not settle for this. It might prove to be beneficial for this website if the Revelatory update 2020 was removed and the focus was set on the actual Urantia Book revelation. I have read too much of New Age material to recognize the difference between over active imagination/mind control program, and the divine truth.

    Although, it would be lovely to have a dramatized version of the UB, this clearly does not represent the essence of the revelation.

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