The Causes of Lucifer’s Insurrection

[Presented by an Ambassador of Wisdom.]

One of the causes for Lucifer’s insidious, rebellious nature was that, he had courted a very beautiful and intriguing Salvagian Daughter named “Jezabel”. Problems arose due to the fact that Jezabel was not accepted by her majesty, Christa Maya, (who actually knew Jezebel better than anyone). In effect, Jezebel had become rejected by the entire hierarchy of Nebadon. Lucifer knew that if he continued to court Jezebel, he would also be eliminated from ever becoming a ruler. But Lucifer was not willing to abandon his relationship with this Salvagian Daughter, nor was he willing to abandon his destiny of universe rulership, so he plotted to obtain ultimate power and control, not only over his own destiny, but over the destiny of billions of others, by instigating a rebellion against the administration of Nebadon.

Lucifer and Satan were joint chief administrative ministers on Jerusem. As time progressed, in Lucifer’s cold, calculating, complex mind, he began to array himself against the entire administration of Nebadon. He rationalized that, in any event, he would attain rulership, even if by force.

So he devised a sultry and iniquitous plan to initiate a rebellion with an agenda he called, “The Lucifer Manifesto”. Lucifer attempted to “level and re-plow the field” in his own favor by sending shock waves throughout the entire domain of Nebadon, and by displaying persuasive force in attempting to recruit a multitude of beings who would defect and join Lucifer’s forces. Lucifer further planned to re-structure the entire Nebadon administration according to his own will and design. Such delusions of grandeur were destined to fail.

In short, Lucifer’s scheme was simple. Irrespective of any personal relationship, more so, he sought to be worshiped, and he planned to accomplish his goal by creating a rebellion, and harnessing complete power over the administrative forces of Nebadon. But his nefarious scheme would backfire, and the repercussions are yet unfolding to this day.

The incredible irony is, be it not for rebellion, Christ Michael would have relinquished his rulership to his most brilliant son, Lucifer, who was next in line for coronation. Lucifer would have eventually attained everything he sought, and much more.

But despite the upheavals of rebellion, Christ Michael remained steadfast in his leadership and, in cooperation with her majesty, Christa Maya, they continued to rule with compassion and wisdom over all of Nebadon. But the ill fate of Lucifer, and the repercussions of rebellion are regretful to all.

The devastating system rebellion in Nebadon, initiated by Lucifer and his rebel conspirators, infected the majority of worlds in Nebadon, and not until the completion of Michael’s bestowal missions, had ages already passed, and Lucifer was finally brought to justice, as were other conspirators, (except Caligastia), in a trial initiated by Gabriel of Salvington, the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon. The dockets of Most High Court of Uversa, for ages, has been extremely overloaded with literally millions of pending cases initiated from the entire superuniverse of Orvonton, and all within the jurisdiction of one high court of justice, the Court of the Most Highs of Uversa, presided over by The Ancients of Days, who are rulers and judges with jurisdiction over the entire superuniverse of Orvonton.

The long, long adjudication process of Gabriel vs. Lucifer is also attributed to the purposeful “wisdom of delay”, which provides for the maximum unfolding of events by allowing the potential effects of a transgression to manifest beyond hypothesis or “here say”. These delays are not procrastination, but rather, an allowance for the maturity of circumstances.

From the time “Gabriel vs. Lucifer” was entered onto the dockets of the Most High Court of Uversa, it has taken what seems like aeons of time to mortals, and with many ages having passed before this case was arraigned. Although the span of 200,000 years may seem impossible for mortals to fathom, we speak of eternal beings, and one year, (as mortals perceive time), is but a second in eternity.

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