The Omnipresence of Universe Pattern

[An Ambassador of Science, in liaison with The Supreme Scientists of Orvonton.]

Reflective coordinates of our Sacred Akastia Absonata are capable of transporting the virtual presence of certain beings millions of light years away, and in many cases, almost instantaneously, by focusing on the absolute and unified time/space gravity field harbored within the ultimaton, which emanates from the stationary Isle of Paradise at its nucleus, being the absolute geographical center and source of all time and space potentials, and reality infinity.

Make no mistake, for we offer not hypothesis or conjecture, and we will attempt to provide clarification of a reality. It is universal law, the absolute center of every circular or elliptical rotation, at the exact point where its radius and diameter conjunct, is stationary (void of movement) in relation to its revolving circumference (if not detectable on the physical plane, evident on microscopic and super-cosmic levels of reality).

All molecular matter, (“atomic clusters” existing in time and space), is composed of electrons which revolve around a relatively stationary nucleus, the atom. This “central nucleus model” is the essence of stars, planets, galaxies, and most forms of finite matter and gaseous elements, and is a pattern which is replicated throughout all systems in the universe; from electrons orbiting the atom on a sub-atomic level, to planets orbiting stars; comprising huge galactic systems, which, in turn, orbit around a central sphere, and clusters of “central spheres” which orbit around the Isle of Paradise, the stationary source and center of all things. This quintessential architecture transcends all levels of reality and is the prototype of the entire Master Universe.

The electron, which is composed of a pattern cluster of one hundred ultimatons, rotates circumferentially around the atom. The direction of any rotation is always relative to vantage point. The quantity, interactions, and distal factors of orbital electrons comprise “shells”, which manifest as all forms of matter on diverse levels of “pre-time-space” reality, characterized by a specific gravity, value, density, attraction, and repulsion. Matter thus exists independently of “mind” but mind may occupy matter (such as in the brain).

This is also universal law.

The ultimaton, which also harbors the stationary Isle of Paradise at its center (hidden by dark gravity), is the nebulous and prime energy unit of all matter, originating from, and containing the absolute source of all light, gravity, and mass which encompasses a center nucleus and the center of all things. Adjutant mind circuits intervene, and it becomes apparent, that relative to the source, it is we who are in motion.

This absolute source of all potential and reality is organized and coordinated by the Master Force Organizers in the time space networks of the Unqualified Absolute continually extending outward with lines of force perpendicular to the absolute stationary center Isle, and which manifests itself multi-dimensionally, and simultaneously as both the largest (existing within space) and the smallest particle of creation (existing in pre-space), with artifacts recently observed by Urantian physicists, denoted as “leptoquarks’’, “hadrons”, neutrinos”,and “bosoms”.

These artifacts are, in effect, primal “energy constituents”. But there still exists inherent quintessential properties which differentiate the cause from the effect.

The causation and properties we denote are time-space-mind conjunctions in liaison with the Master Force Organizers and Supreme Power Directors who are Paradise energy catalysts ultimately under the control of the personality circuit of the Universal Father, jointly partaking in the creation and the manifestation of, “a vast field containing mind (witness), mass, and motion” whereby the largest and the smallest particles are conjunct, yet remain separate entities. But separation (a differentiation) yet exists. This separation creates an intervening field, which is time and space itself. It is there, adjutant mind circuits witness the exchanges of the sequential energy interactions of time space energies unfolding in the Unqualified Absolute.

Your recent discoveries are commendable and offer reasonable hypothesis based on “effect”, but the unseen “causes” are the three quintessential lines of force originating from the Paradise center, diversifying and creating the existence of time, space, and matter with infinite energy interactions in association with the adjutant mind circuits of the Infinite Spirit and the diverse manifestation of substances. Such causes remain hidden by “dark gravity” and simply cannot be witnessed from the time-space vantage point of the Unqualified Absolute. (Observations in time and space which attempt to grasp and define the Unqualified Absolute are likened to the eye attempting to see itself).

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