The Salvagian Daughters of Nebadon

[Presented by a liaison to her majesty, Christa Maya of Nebadon]


The Salvagian Daughters are the direct offspring of the Universe Mother Spirit, and are essentially known as, “the Daughters of God”. The Salvagian Daughters are polar opposites of the Lanonandek Sons. Salvagian Daughters are not jointly, but uniquely created by the Universe Mother spirit herself. Being unilaterally created beings, they are diverse, unique, and intriguing, to each other, and the Lanonandek Sons.

There are over 4,000 Salvagian Daughters in Nebadon. They are the first, and continuing expressions of the Infinite Spirit in the worlds of time and space. Her majesty, Christa Maya, is a pre-eminent, eternal deity. The Universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon was given complete authority and possessed the “final word” in universe decisions. Not until the completion of Christ Michael’s bestowal missions did her majesty, Christa Maya issue a proclamation of equality with the Son, and they forever rule as one.

By a series of successive bestowal missions, the Creator Son attains full command and rulership over of his native universe, along with his chosen creative counterpart, the Universe Mother Spirit. In her first expression of creation, the Universe Mother Spirit, by regeneration and reflective multiplicity, “separates” into new and diverse expressions of herself, thus creating female personalities known as the Salvagian Daughters.

The Salvagians are the stunning daughters of time and space, possessing quintessential female beauty with provocative and exotic personalities. The Salvagians are known to be the most beautiful of all beings in the Grand Universe. The prime function of a Salvagian Daughter is to nurture and provide sustenance to the children of time and space. Salvagian Daughters, in addition to possessing unequivocal beauty, nurture with love and tenderness, and administer divine compassion, serving in the same capacity as the Lanonandek Sons, who are their significant others, and eternal mates. The Salvagian Daughters possess the ultimate attributes and expressions of beauty and goodness found in the Universe Mother Spirit.

Whereby the Lanonandeks serve as the supreme upholders of truth, strength, and wisdom in the circumstances and affairs of their local universe domains, their co-creative counterparts, the Salvagian Daughters are the upholders of beauty and goodness, serving to uplift and maintain the emotional aspects of the universe.

When a Lanonandek Son of promise, chooses a Salvagian Daughter, she is destined to become his matriarch and divine minister, thus attaining the honor as a co-creator, but, she possesses the “final word of will” in universal decisions made in the Grand Universe. And as they progress through the inner circles of attainment, only one Lanonandek Son “of promise” will ever attain the status of a Creator Son, and only one Salvagian Daughter will attain the crown of the Universe Mother Spirit. Creator Sons and Universe Mother Spirits jointly create unique levels of diverse, deified beings and material realities, and together they experience the magnificent and supernal realities they have jointly created in the universes of time and space. In the cycle of eternity, they preside over the evolutionary universe affairs of time and space. When their creative potential is finally maximized, (all potential is finally achieved in time and space), the presiding Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit hand down their thrones in succession to their chosen sons and daughters, and proceed inward to the Havona worlds where they attain the throne of a supreme and perfect rulership over a dominion in Havona.

Havona has over one billion perfect worlds divided equally into seven perfect “sectors” each having a Paradise master spirit reflective aid corresponding to each superuniverse. All seven Havona dominions are maintained by the reflective spirit aids of Majeston, the shining Son of Paradise, and the Master Musician who reflects his lofty light of seven modalities to the Havona worlds. Music is the light, harmony, the breath, and speech of the magnificent Havona spheres.

On Havona, the Universe Mother Spirit and the Creator Son rule for a cycle of eternity with perfection, which is one complete revolution of all Havona worlds around the Isle of Paradise. Upon achieving their maximum level of expression in Havona, together they ultimately sojourn inward again, to embrace Paradise, consummating their cycle of eternity.

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