The Plight of Life Establishment on Urantia

[A Perfector of Time and Space, enlisted in the Supreme Forces of Lanandatia]

The name of your planet, “Urantia” is of Satvula origin (the local universe language), derived from the prefix “Uran”, which is a magnificent blue crystal mountain known as Mount Uran, existing on the shores of Paradise; and a “uran” is also a rare blue gem which is mined on various planets and moons. The suffix “tia”, means, “of promise”. Thus, Urantia means the “Blue gem of promise.” But subsequent to Christ Michael’s bestowal, Urantia became known throughout Nebadon as “Nebacru” or, “world of the cross”. (“Nebadon” means, “world of hope”).

To further exemplify Satvula word construction as it relates to the English tongue, the term “morontia” is also of Satvula origin, consisting of the prefix “Moron”, and despite an English word term that denotes “substandard intellect”, Moron was an ancient city in Greco-Roman mythology, and contains the suffix, “tia’, meaning “of promise”, henceforth, morontia means, “Ancient City of Promise”The initial Life Carrier terrestrial expositions on Urantia, failed. This was attributed to species of reptiles whose size and appetites were too large to be supported by the food chains existing on Urantia at that time. This ultimately led to their extinction.

They were then replaced by reptiles and mammals of a much smaller variety, in addition to the various experimental insect life which were deployed to supplement and reinforce vital food chains. A number of these life forms were mammals and predecessors to the apes. The indigenous species of those days were extremely hairy, two armed, two legged mammals, and stood “plantar erectus” capable of walking upright, and animals who also possessed great survival stamina and evolutionary potential, both physically and mentally.

The female species bore and nurtured sexually reproduced offspring. These primates were also endowed with a two-sided cellular brain, containing a random access memory with the ability to assimilate and respond not only to stimuli, but more importantly, cellular evolution triggered by experiential data. Their cellular brain mechanism also had the potential for evolutionary refinement and social progression attributed to the functioning of the adjutant mind circuits of the Infinite Spirit.

Caligastia was coaxed into the difficult and potentially impossible task of fostering life on Urantia, and offered the title of “Planetary Prince of Urantia”, by Satan. This led Caligastia to believe that he would maintain rule over all Urantia, forever.

Caligastia’s mission was to foster and develop the attributes of the primates, enabling them to evolve into “divine form” (as found in the Material Sons and Daughters of Nebadon). The long term goal was fostering evolution of all the native tribes of Urantia, enabling them to evolve into ascending mortals of the realm with morontia soul potential, thus becoming endowed with personal “Truth/Destiny Adjuster”; and cultivating wisdom to allow them to attain evolutionary ascension, and universe service potential.It was a monumental, but arduous task for both Caligastia, and his associates.

Caligastia’s prescribed agenda was, once genetic attributes were initialized, he and his associates would organize social colonies by instituting teaching staffs dedicated to fostering the social evolution of the evolving natives; and “to develop the overall quality of life on Urantia” by teaching farming skills, the control of fire, and animal husbandry.

These teaching missions carried out by the planetary prince’s staff eventually gave way to “the Nodites”, and Ayrian peoples spreading to all corners of the established territories of those days. The midway creatures were also uniquely, and surprisingly brought into being under the regime of Caligastia and his associates.

Urantia was originally registered in Nebadon system registries as “606.0 of Satania” by the Orvonton Life Force Organizers more than a quarter billion years ago (as time is reckoned on Urantia). Urantia was designated a “decimal planet” harboring one moon, and a remnant of an asteroid which also orbits Urantia, but through the ages, has remained well hidden. Although your moon, known as “Nephrates”, is barren, someday it will serve worthwhile purposes to your entire planet.

Urantia is registered as an experimental, life modification planet with the potential of cultivating at least six unique life forms; and having conditions favorable to initialize a vast variety of experimental and standardized life forms, and suitable for introducing modified DNA sequences, all of which were implemented by the “Life Sequence Organizers of Lanandatia”, (formerly known as, “The United Life Carriers of Satania”).

Urantia is currently in its sixth phase of epochal uplifting planetary events since its original “baptismal” life implantation by Life Carrier missions. Urantia’s most recent planetary “epinatum”, (Satvula word term meaning, “phase of planetary evolution”),were achieved by the dissemination of the Urantia Papers of 1934 A.D., and the epic lunar landing of 1969 A.D. The completion of its seventh phase will be denoted by the establishment of Akastia Networks on Urantia, when the Quarantine of Norlatiadek is rescinded. Your “world wide web” is a primal introduction to interplanetary communications.

Urantia belongs to a 12 planet solar system known as “Monmatia” (meaning “one dominion”), in the Norlatiadek sector of Nebadon, Orvonton. Monmatia’s sun is yellow dwarf known as “Helios”, and is orbited by 12 planets, consisting of seven major, and five “dwarfs”. Pluto is a stray moon of Neptune; and there are three other “orphans”, which, in more recent times, were named Haumea, Makenmake and Eris, themselves being spherical remnants of the Andronover Nebula that became adopted into the gravity circuits of Monmatia. The twelfth is also a “dwarf” named Ceres, which orbits Helios in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

In comparison to other planets in the solar systems of Nebadon, Urantia is a relatively small, but extremely fertile world with an ideal life supporting atmosphere, and good land mass geography which is accessible from its seas, waterways, rivers and streams.

Urantia’s gravity index is approximately 9.807 m/s2 (as your physicists measure gravity), having a slightly stronger gravitational force than other life bearing planets in Lanandatia. Urantia also has favorable water composition and soil rich in vital minerals and elements, and despite inherent instabilities in its atmosphere, and the occasional shifting of land masses, (weather storms and earthquakes), it’s volcanic activity in more recent ages has been sparse.

Urantia’s stable equatorial temperature is approximately 31 degrees Centigrade, (or 80 degrees Fahrenheit) with an air composition ratio of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, manifesting conditions that are ideal for cultivating and maintaining a wide variety of life, both on land, and in its seas. Urantia is a treasure amongst the other planets in Lanandatia.

With sodium rich seas being a favorable conduit for life, and a relatively stable atmosphere, the waters of Urantia contain traces of every element found on land, and over 3800 vital life supporting minerals which ideally support a vast catalogue of life forms and plant life. Your more than 60,000 species of trees are a vital chain to all forms of life, and among the greatest ecological assets of your planet.

The essential, and eternal mission of the Life Sequence Organizers is to import, implant, modify, and foster life with both standard and modified experimental “stem cell” plasm, and to initiate isotopic, modified helix sequences of life forms on all “decimal planets”, (as opposed to the “natural life bearing planets” which are “genesis seeded” by virtue of the Infinite Spirit, and for the most part, are non-experimental).

Currently, Life Sequence Organizers are able to modify genetic codes and physical features by means of “cross cultivation”, and most important, the imposition of “gravity responsive hybrid survival sequences”, which resulted from the prized “adaptive survival gene” which serves to modify and manifest adequate physical survival attributes within the course of 12 reproductive life cycles, and optimal physical metamorphic adaptations within 144 generations, allowing greater survival characteristics of the species. Your biological scientists have recently discovered “stem cells”, and are on the brink of great breakthroughs in “regenerative genetics”.

The first series of life plasm implementation, in what seemed to be a successful reptile life sequence initiation on Urantia, had failed, and with much dismay. A majority of these giant, air breathing, terrestrial vertebrates were bi-pedal, and quadrupedal herbivores. Carnivores and omnivores were among the minority.

These huge reptiles had extremely large appetites that were supported primarily by plant life such as trees, bushes, and several forms of fruits and vegetables being a staple nourishment to the majority. Their food supply was dependent on sunlight and water, [photosynthesis], which perpetuated essential plant life.

Urantia, of those times, had suffered a series of wide spread catastrophic events which affected the entire planet, becoming detrimental to both animal and plant life, resulting from its atmosphere being contaminated by fragmented asteroids and other “cosmic dust”, and ash spewing from the many active volcanos of those days. Due to the huge amounts of debris and volcanic ash that had accumulated in the mid to upper atmosphere, the result was the dampening of the suns life force rays, thus diminishing vital solar energies necessary for photosynthesis.

In turn, this caused a huge decrease in plant life, and eventually, a worldwide famine ensued triggering a chain reaction of death that resulted in the demise of most terrestrial plant life, and death to the overall reptile population that dominated the planet.


Many creatures were also lost due to the fact that their eggs were being eaten by predators, and often times, by them feeding on their own. In a matter of a few centuries, the entire population of these magnificent reptiles dwindled into extinction, resulting in the end of “the great reptilian era of Urantia”.

Reproduction of the species, both sexual and asexual, are forms of perpetual motion. Life Force Organizers derive great satisfaction when life implantation missions are successful. Although most life form experiments on Urantia were successful, your history obviously shows that certain forms of life were abandoned or became nearly extinct during planetary development. Other dissonances in planetary history were further complicated by the default of “Adam and Eve” and the fall of Eden, and Dalamatia, attributed to the defection of your former planetary prince. These unfortunate series of circumstances deprived or altered life forms on the planet forever, and to this day, continue to have the negative repercussions of social and religious ambiguities, famine, poverty, and disease.

And there yet exists on your planet to this very day, certain lost species of animal life, both mammalian and reptilian. Having been genetically deprived of vital plasm, they are not fully developed mentally, but through the ages, these vagabonds have managed to survive extinction.

Some do possess a certain amount of intelligence and the dexterity to make and use “tools”, and some have even learned to control the use of fire. Perhaps you may, or may not be aware of these timid, lost creatures of time who comprise a rare population, existing both on land and in your seas. Due to their high survival dynamic, these seemingly strange, unsocial, unfortunate species have managed to survive the ages, and are occasionally spotted by humans. But their undeveloped brains and fearful nature make them timidly shy, although they are not harmful to humans.

Subsequent to the Lucifer insurrection, all life implementation experiments were terminated on Urantia, as in other parts of Satania, by mandate of the Melchizadeks and Constellation Fathers, The Most Highs of Norlatiadek.

Urantia’s final blow of ill fate came to pass with the defection of its Planetary Prince, Caligastia, along with his assistant, Dalagastia, who also joined Lucifer in rebellion, and in Lucifer’s attempt to dispatch the confederate rebel forces throughout Satania and Nebadon.

However, Van and Amadon, who were also on Caligastia’s staff, remained steadfast and loyal to the Constellation Fathers of Norlatiadek.

The “Lucifer Manifesto”, was a devious and wicked plan devised to infiltrate, assault, and overthrow the entire government of Nebadon, with Lucifer ultimately seeking to declare himself the “Sovereign Emperor of Soladon”, even planning to rename entire galactic system of Nebadon.

During Caligasta’s malignant reign, which spanned over ten thousand years, Urantia suffered continual setbacks from chain reactions due to a series of an unfortunate sequence of defaults, all which were the reciprocals of rebellion. This depleted the thrust of Caligastia’s mission, and frustration was a dominant commodity in his camp. Prince Caligastia literally fell from grace by succumbing to the sophistries of evil and rebellion, and he too, became his own worst enemy.

The collusion of the Nodites of Urantia, and the apparent enmity that existed between them and the Amadonites resulted in further administrative calamity, social friction, and failure, including the default of the Material Son and Daughter on Urantia, which resulted in the denial, and misappropriation of essential genetic plasm. The falling of Dalmatia and Eden, was also devastating for the fact that these fallen domains also eliminated the establishment of cultural teaching colonies necessary to foster the evolution, and advance the quality of life for the inhabitants of the planet. Caligastia, ultimately, had failed.

During the times of Christ Michael’s bestowal as Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia, Satan, and Caligastia were yet free to roam the planet, seeking to execute their nefarious agenda, attempting to stifle the administrative powers of Nebadon. And during these times of bestowal, Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia plotted to default Christ Michael’s mission by actually attempting to coerce Jesus into joining their wicked forces, but obviously, they failed. It was an unprecedented episode in the history of all Orvonton, where a Lanonandek Son plotted to overthrow his own father’s throne. But this was, in fact, Lucifer’s evil plan


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