The Universal Covenant of The Eternal Christ

[Presented by a Trinitized Ambassador of Wisdom, in association with Lanaforge, the chief administrator of Supreme Forces of Lanandatia, under the authority of The Magnificent Forces of The Eternal Christ.]

Subsequent to the events of “The Lucifer Rebellion,” a “Supreme Doctrine of Loyalty to the Universal Father” was promulgated by Christ Michael of Nebadon, who bestowed himself as Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia, and who, by his seven bestowal missions, has attained sovereignty by becoming Planetary Prince of Urantia, and The Eternal Christ, sovereign ruler of Nebadon; and who, in association with the Universe Mother Spirit, her majesty, Christa Maya, jointly mandated the implementation of a universal covenant requiring the loyalty of all system administrators and deified beings throughout Nebadon.The implementation of this monumental covenant is a cohesive safeguard in order to prevent future outbreaks of system rebellions in Nebadon, and other parts of Orvonton. Although we cannot disclose the scope of this significant covenant in its entirety, we are permitted to reveal the following:

The Universal Covenant of The Eternal Christ is a “Trinitized Pledge of Allegiance to The Universal Father,” affirming, “Our Universal Father is the First Source and Center of all Light and Life, and there was no other before him.” “Our Universal Father is the creator of the Master Universe who eternally exists as the First Person of the Paradise Trinity, and resides with The Eternal Son, and The Infinite Spirit, in triune authority over all creation at the center of all things.” “We, his Sons and Daughters of Destiny, will strive for perfection as our Universal Father is perfect in The Trinity Absolute on Paradise.” “May the infinite and perfect will of the Paradise Trinity be eternally manifested in all creation.”

The Universal Covenant of The Eternal Christ is, in essence, “An eternal pact of unity, loyalty and the coordination of supreme circumstances by system administrators and deified personalities joining forces in accordance with the divine values of the Paradise Trinity, thus achieving a unified will in establishing settlements of Light and Life in all inhabited sectors of Nebadon; and by the continued cultivation of the Six Prime Purposes which are essential for the development of Orvonton; whereby all inhabitants of evolutionary worlds may partake in the supreme experience, eventuating in the settlement of light, and life throughout all the domains of the Grand Universe, ultimately achieving the harmony of all souls, and the quest of all ages.”

This supreme resolution stipulates: “We pledge an uncompromising, and prudent administering of wisdom, with the cultivation of cosmic growth, culminating in the perfection of all time space reality which will be achieved by the harmonization of all destiny in accordance with the perfect plan of the Supreme Trinity Personalities.” “Forever shall we abide in the authority of our System Sovereign and Universe Mother Spirit, as they abide in the ultimate authority of The Universal Father. And we shall forever abide in the judgments, and rulings of The Ancients of Days, who are dedicated to administering perfect justice in accordance with the absolute values of the Paradise Trinity.”

“Time is of the essence and a divine providence necessary for the cultivation of souls.” “Fate unfolds on the crest of time, which manifests as a wave of progress in space, and is a provision for the refinement, advancement, and perfection of all worlds in our designated domains.”

“We vow to forever guide and foster all souls sojourning through our worlds.” “Time and space is our providence for the cultivation and perpetuation of the divine manifestations of truth, beauty and goodness.”

“We remain in pursuit of maximums, for a maximum is the ultimate actualization of potential, attained by coordination of the Supreme Forces establishing a perfect union of gravity, light, and life, thus achieving harmony and the ultimate unfolding of destiny within the bounds of time and space.”

“May our worlds forever occupy an abundantly sustained and enlightened field within the eternal cosmos we share, further enriched by the cultivation of the Divine Will manifesting the Supreme Plan of Perfection.” “In unity, we seek to establish the manifestations of magnificence throughout the Grand Universe, and will be solemnly achieved by administering the perfect will of the Paradise Trinity.”

“We hereby denounce our fallen brethren who have knowingly strayed into the paths of sin, evil, and self aggrandizement, for they have attenuated themselves by raising up their scepters against those who gave them light and life, then purposefully, maliciously, and rebelliously leading multitudes astray with a malignant manifesto of separation, darkness, iniquity, and death.”

“May the light which exposes a fool be cast upon our wayward brethren, and fallen sons and daughters who fell into darkness, and, for as long as it takes them to accept the mercy which they are offered.”

“May all who have fallen from honor and grace be bound by the chains of their own design.”

“May the fires cast by fools forever be extinguished by the waters of truth.”

“We seek to establish the finality of the present universe age of God the Supreme, as we triumphantly usher in the new universe age of God the Ultimate, which will be achieved by the integration of purpose, wisdom, forbearance, and mercy.”

“The Finality of Supremacy will be attained, signifying the completion of our missions throughout all seven superuniverses which are ultimately destined to be conjoined in infinite cascades of perfect light, life in the perfected worlds of time and space.”

“We eternally embrace the stars and planets which we have been blessed with as our domain, for we are delegated command over the circumstances of time and space, and forever are we joined in the Supreme.”

“We vow not to falter into sin and evil, but if by chance we ere, we pray our Universal Father will light our way and correct our paths with righteousness, and restore equilibrium to us, and to those who are affected by our errors, as we harbor and cherish deep within our souls the eternal truth, wisdom, and mercy afforded to us all.”

“We embrace the ultimate fragment, which is the gift our Universal Father has bestowed within us, being the most precious of gems adorned with magnificent facets reflecting the eternal and perfect light of the Paradise Trinity.”

“May eternal truth and infinite wisdom be with us during all our days of reign, and throughout all the worlds in our domain, forever culminating in the harmony of all souls and the perfection of all circumstances.”

“We enter this covenant not to attain greater powers or the advancement of our ranks.”

“We enter this covenant to obtain not the treasures of the universe, nor for the wealth afforded by crystalia and uran.”

“We enter this covenant with The Spirit of Magnificence which we pray, will ultimately permeate every fibre of our being.”

“We, the sons and daughters of universe order, do solemnly engage in this supernal pact of unity with honor, loyalty, dignity, and the grace which is implanted in our souls; and the noble tasks which our Sovereign, the eternal Christ Michael and our mother spirit, her majesty Christa Maya, has delegated to us; and as our Father in Paradise has fruitfully bestowed upon us all with his eternal light.”

“We will triumph over dark circumstance and forever experience the eternal truth of his infinite wisdom and mercy, for we attest to his presence in all things, and the reign of his glory forever, we bow with loyalty and in humble praise.”


This eloquent declaration was created by our System Sovereign, Christ Michael of Nebadon, and the Universe Mother Spirit, her majesty, Christa Maya; and subsequently ordained by the Melchizadeks and The Constellation Fathers, The Most Highs of Norlatiadek; ultimately praised by The Orvonton Ancients of Days as “The genesis of the manifestation of the perfect will of The Paradise Trinity, and God the Ultimate in the worlds of time and space.”


The Universal Covenant of The Eternal Christ was endorsed and ratified by most Lanonandek and Vorondadek Sons, and conjointly accepted by a diverse host of system administrators and ministering spirits in the reorganized system of Lanandatia, and throughout various sectors of the inhabited galactic systems of Nebadon; finalized with the Code of Trinitization bearing three concentric violet triangles.

The Universal Covenant of The Eternal Christ is truly a monumental decree of unprecedented magnitude, supreme devotion, and the harmonization of divine purpose in a proclamation rivaled in scope only by the Universe Mother Spirit, her majesty Christa Maya, in decree of “A Pledge of Loyalty, Fidelity, and Obedience to the Son”, subsequent to the completion of Christ Michael’s bestowal missions and his attainment of universe sovereignty of all Nebadon, reigning forever as The Eternal Christ of Nebadon.

Christ Michael, in turn, decreed, “The Proclamation of Equality” pledging mutual loyalty to the Universe Mother Spirit, her majesty Christa Maya, who now and forever, will equally preside over universe circumstances in Nebadon.


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  3. Cloud Dunn

    Christ Michael: System Sovereign?
    Local Universe Sovereign, Yes!

  4. Clyde (Cloud) Dunn (I will, from this time forward go by the name given me in the 1970's Cloud).

    ¶4 Are the words “System Sovereign” meant to be Christ Michael: “Sovereign Creator” or “Universe Sovereign” or even “Universe Creator Son” or “Master Creator Son”? Seeing that the Universe Mother Spirit is indicated in the same sentence? Isn’t is in reference to Christ Michael of Nebadon. The Eternal Christ.

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