The Revelatory Contact Procedure on Urantia

[Presented by a liaison of The Orvonton Corps of Truth Revealers, and an associate midwayer of secondary status enlisted in the United Midwayers of Urantia.]

Be it known in these presentations that the “Thought Adjuster”, is given the word term, “Truth Adjuster”. The decision to use the latter terminology is in favor of a more accurate description of the indwelling God Fragment that mankind on Urantia is blessed with and, in essence, is the ultimate truth. God may “adjust” thoughts, and does “adjust” destiny, but God does not control what he bestowed as free-will personality. This “free will” is what the creator extends to his children of time and space.

The Satvula translation of the word depicting the Thought Adjuster is “Dioverta”, which is one word that denotes the truth, which encompasses the thoughts (Mind) of God, and the destiny of an omniscient, and omnipresent God, i.e. a “super-present creator”. The thoughts of God are the original mind, truth and ultimate destiny, therefore, for a finer, truer presentation of Satvula/English conversion, we will describe the God Fragment subjectively, as a “Truth Adjuster”, and, in some instances, employ the term “Destiny Adjuster”. Adjuster fusion is one with truth, and the ultimate destiny. They are all one, and descriptive of the same truth.


We have been granted permission to clarify and reveal the revelatory contact procedure which eludes many who read Urantia’s Fifth Epochal Revelation originally designated as “The Urantia Papers of 1934 A.D.”. We hereby present the fundamental process of this procedure: Urantia’s “Fifth Epochal Revelation”, also known as “The Urantia Book”, which was initiated by a Melchizadek during the final decade of Urantia’s 19th century, under the supervision of an assigned Divine Counselor who also narrated the “Foreword” of The Urantia Papers acting on behalf of the Orvonton Corps of Truth Revealers, By employing a method instituted and approved by a commission of twenty-four qualified Orvonton superuniverse administrators, instances of profound planetary events and life experiences were allowed to be extrapolated from specific archives contained in the Askastia Absonata, which harbor an infinite magnitude of universe and planetary intelligence (much of which is declared “confidential and privileged” in current universe protocols of Nebadon).

There existed inherent language barriers and it was determined that English was ideally suited for these presentations. Newly introduced concepts having no previous expression in English, would require the introduction of new word symbols, with phonetics that are easily pronounced by the English tongue. (The tongues English and Dutch are most phonetically akin to Satvula, the original language of “Satania” (now recognized as the language of Lanandatia).

But there still existed certain logistical challenges, such as creating new word symbols which would eloquently characterize new concepts, mechanisms, and truths, previously unknown to the human mind, but with effective conveyance based on established human thought patterns. Satvula origin phonetics were also given priority.

Eliminating personal vainglory was fundamental to the presentation of new revelations, thus, anonymity was a requirement for all contact personalities. Subsequent to much scrutiny, a mandate was finally approved permitting specific content to be extrapolated from the Akastia Archives on Salvington and Uversa, and disseminated on Urantia in English. Disclosure of the contributing authors (or “revelators”), and stating of their ranks at the end of all narratives was a mandatory stipulation. However, the human “contact personalities” were sworn to “a vow of anonymity”, (which is nearly impossible, given the fact that disclosure to, and reliance on third parties such as “printing agents” were a necessity to materialize the manuscripts in book form).

It was also determined that the city of Chicago, Illinois, the second largest city in The United States (of those times), was best suited to convey authorized revelatory subject matter to a chosen, group of highly educated individuals who were qualified professionals with qualified backgrounds. A “forum” was formed.

Revelatory subject matter was thus transmitted via a conjoint Perfector of Wisdom in association with Mighty and Solitary Messengers, Divine Counselors, and Universal Censors, and a host of authoritative universe personalities of those times, who were liaisons dispatched on Urantia, and who subsequently conveyed authorized revelatory content to a qualified human contact surrogate via “conjoint axis of a personalized adjutant frequency (mind circuit) of The Infinite Spirit”, which was coordinated by the indwelling Truth Adjuster (of the contact surrogate), and occurred during specific intervals of “sleep”, which was actually a Truth Adjuster induced state of “superconscious revery”.

This unique method of conveyance is not mere “spirit channeling”, the difference being, rather than a lone, singular “spirt” communicating to one subject, the avenues of communications were based on the omni-present networking of the Infinite Spirit, much in the same way the Holy Bible, and other profound scriptures were written, and these same omni-present networks also allow prayers and petitions to be heard, and answered. The networks of the Infinite Spirit are always open to seekers of truth, and are the vital “frequencies of communication” utilized by the ministering spirits of the universe. The networks of the Infinite Spirit of Truth are of benefit to all, and will remain an eternal reality.

Verbally transmitted contents were thus documented by a chosen group or “forum”. Approved revelatory content was presented by the “revelators” to this chosen “forum” of originally thirty-three human “contact personalities”, all of sufficient educational and financial means, eventually consisting of one “sleeping” contact personality, and a “forum” consisting of “auditors” who documented the results in both long and shorthand in various revelatory sessions. Some of the members of “the forum” decided to “opt out” during various stages of presentation, while others joined in. Transmitted verbal coordinates were handwritten and manually typed into the English language by “the forum” of these chosen “auditors”, and in some cases, by the surrogate alone.

The most comprehensive “papers” and greater portion of the book entitled the “The Life of Jesus” were carefully fostered by a chosen group of eleven primary Midwayers under the directives of a certain Melchizadek, in association with a secondary Midwayer who was assigned to the personal guardianship of the Apostle Andrew, and whose memory matrix of the experiences of Jesus of Nazareth supplemented these highly detailed, profound narratives of our Masters bestowal on Urantia.

Permissible revelatory content was transmitted to the “sleeping”surrogate in the English language via “axis of a personalized adjutant frequency”, which is the conjoint providence of The Infinite Spirit in liaison with Primary Midway Creatures and the personal Truth Adjuster.

(The “sleeping” surrogate was actually in a Truth Adjuster induced meditative state of “superconscious revery”. The “sleeping surrogate” in turn, verbally communicated revelatory subject matter to an audience of sixty-nine auditors who manually handwrote content in both short and long form documenting the resultants).

There ensued a number of revelatory sessions whereby the “sleeping surrogate”, was interrogated by “the forum” and certain answers were disclosed under established guidelines, but subject to the final review and authorization of a Divine Counselor in liaison with two Universal Administrators, and several associative midwayers who documented these sessions.

In order to eliminate self aggrandizement, all members of “the forum” were also sworn to a vow of anonymity, and although several have subsequently come forward, the “sleeping surrogate” remained anonymous, was eventually Trinitized, and is currently mustered into the ranks of universe service as a Trinitized Universal Messenger enlisted in The Supreme Forces of Lanandatia.

The final manuscripts were edited approved by conjoint association of human custodians, with a monitoring Seraphim. and a secondary Midway Creature stationed on Urantia who was also delegated the task of discreetly making physical changes to the revelatory manuscripts when deemed necessary.

Permissible content was finalized and granted in a formal authorization issued in a mandate by the Melchizadeks, which allowed specific revelatory subject matter to be disseminated in book form. In order to successfully produce and disseminate these epochal revelations, and without opposition, certain celestial channels of achievement were ordained.

Revelatory content was carefully compiled and edited to eliminate most human error, despite several typographic inconsistencies in the first printing. Final contents were then compiled into a book format by means of mechanized printing plates resulting in the completion of Urantia’s Fifth Epochal Revelation, also referred to as the Urantia Papers of 1934 A.D., and more commonly known as “The Urantia Book’.

The process of initiating and materializing “The Urantia Book” spanned over seven decades, from the time of inception by Machiventa Melchizedek during Urantia’s 19th century, and finally released to its inhabitants at the dawn of Urantia’s new age of technology in 1955 A.D.

Most of the original handwritten and manually typed drafts subsequently “disappeared” attributed to midway creature intervention. However, the metal printing plates remain intact and are closely guarded by “trustees”.

(There were approximately four-hundred humans involved in the entire process of materializing and completing “The Urantia Book”, which was disseminated in 1955 A.D. by the trustees who formed “The Urantia Foundation”).

This multi stage reflectivity process was simultaneously deployed on a number of planets in the constellation of Norlatiadek by mandate of several Melchizadeks in liaison withThe Orvonton Corp of Truth Revealers”. Dissemination of further revelatory subject matter, in the form of “updates” are mandated to continue on a limited basis throughout Urantia’s third and forth millenniums via “axis of personalized Adjutant Mind Frequency of the Infinite Spirit”, to chosen surrogates, qualified auditors, in liaison with The United Midway Creatures of Urantia, and in accordance with universe protocols of the times.

What differentiates these narratives from our previous submissions, is rather than one surrogate communicating to a group of “auditors” who documented the resultants, these narratives were materialized with a group of “celestial editors” communicating to just one “surrogate” who also manually documented these particular communications.

With the recent inception of your “digitized word processing” systems, the construction, editing, and translation of revelatory manuscripts are far more time efficient and readily disseminated through the “cyber-networks” of your “world wide web” providing almost instantaneous reception in distant locations throughout your planet.

A new age of even greater enlightenment will occur on Urantia when the quarantine of Norlatiadek is finally rescinded. The singular contact personality in this particular presentation possessed only a basic high school education and originally was unaware of the particular nature and processes of our mission.

Although not originally well versed in The Urantia Papers, this particular contact personality was chosen on the merits of having an excellent lineage, exhibiting unshakable faith, and displaying above average receptivity skills with an intimate Truth Adjuster relationship (evidenced in these works), and having faithfully survived “minimalization” in order to achieve a maximum of potential. Although somewhat skeptical at first, this contact personality remained receptive and became increasingly cooperative as the transmission of these narratives progressed.


From the Contact Personality of Update2020:

I dedicate these works to Paramahansa Yogananda, who is my teacher, faithful guide, loyal friend, and a devoted messenger of Christ. I was an underachiever and a high school dropout, who now realizes, first hand, the truth and reality surrounding the Urantia Papers, and the potentials we all possess. I have been given a task of great import and it has made me a true believer.

Anonymous- 2018 


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    This expects us to believe that 69 people were taking notes during the revelatory sessions, that the Forum members knew who the sleeping subject was, and even more fantastic and unbelievable, that the sleeping subject has somehow managed to complete his or her universe training in less than 100 years and been TRINITIZED! Only someone who has not studied the book and talked with forum members and those that knew them would believe this nonsense. I also refer you to Larry Mullins and Meredith Sprunger’s ‘History of the Urantia Papers’, and court records in Urantia Book Copyright case.

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