The Reorganized Local System of Satania in Norlatiadek

 [Submitted by a Universal Messenger] 

Due to the traitorous and rebellious acts of the now deposed Lanonandek Son 37 of Nebadon, and his conspirator cohorts, the names of system rebels have been dissociated and expunged from universe system registries throughout Nebadon.

By mandate of a certain Melchizedek, and The Constellation Fathers, The Most Highs of Norlatiadek, your local universe formerly known as “Satania” is reorganized, and universally recognized as Lanandatia, from where our commission proudly hails under the authority of Lanaforge, the loyal, rebellion tested Lanonandek Son 2709 of primary order,

who has graciously joined forces in a covenant instituted 

by our Sovereign Christ Michael of Nebadon; 

and who, by his seven bestowal missions, 

has attained the title of The Eternal Christ of Nebadon,

and who, in association with The Universe Mother Spirt, her majesty, 

Christa Maya, 

have restructured the administrative agencies of what was formerly known as “Satania”,

by instituting and deploying unified supreme and magnificent forces throughout all administrations in the galaxies of Nebadon;

and by virtue of this recently mandated covenant known as The Universal Covenant of The Eternal Christ.

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