The Quarantine of Norlatiadek

[Submitted by a Solitary Messenger.]

The Sacred Askastia Temple on Jerusem was a prime target of raids by the Luciferin rebels. As a result, enormous volumes of the precious living personality, universe history, and panoramic reign records were intentionally distorted and virtually “murdered” by collusion, culminating into the trial of Gabriel of Salvington vs. Lucifer Filius 37 of Nebadon. The trial proceedings of this widespread system rebellion in Nebadon are concurrently in the Most High Court of Uversa, diligently presided over by a Tribunal of The Ancients of Days.

The Luciferian rebel attacks on the Akastia Archives also necessitated the inception of the Quarantine of Nortlatiadek, which is an extreme, but necessary means of sequestering and protecting the flow of classified universe information, “which the rebels gained access to, sabotaged, distorted, destroyed, and furthermore, attempted to hold hostage in the execution of their nefarious agenda,” one of many charges presented to The Ancients of Days in Gabriel’s indictments against Lucifer. Fortunately, reflective coordinates of the Askastia Archives are retained in triplicate, and in more recent times, are accessible only by official mandates of supreme councils on Salvington and Uversa.

The Askastia Absonata will eventually become re-personalized and restored on Jerusem, pending the verdict and final sentencing by The Ancients of Days in the adjudication of “The Lucifer Rebellion of Nebadon”. Universe broadcast systems continue to reflect coordinates of this trial to systems and worlds unaffected by rebellion, and obviously not under quarantine.

The lifting of the Norlatiadek quarantine will also signify that universe broadcast circuits are accessible throughout Lanandatia, and these networks will allow for instantaneous extra planetary communications, culminating into a unique bonding of all the inhabitants, and cultures of Urantia, with other planets in your local system. An age of understanding unlike any other in the history of Urantia will become manifest.

Your broadcast network corporations and technology developers will also receive precise design methodology from Vorondadek Sons who will be dispatched on Urantia, and who will foster your physicists and electronic scientists of your world aiding in the fabrication of universe broadcast devices, thus enabling reception of local universe broadcasts to, and from many parts of your planet. Your moon will also play an important role in communications.

Subsequent to the installation of the universe broadcast network systems, technology on Urantia will flourish at an unprecedented rate and such events will prove to be a most exhilarating and exciting time for all of Urantia, inevitably bringing world cultures and religions together to form a movement of peace, harmony, and understanding based on truth and love. These are the divine blessings afforded by the Infinite Spirit.

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