[Presented by a Universal Messenger in association with The United Midwayers of Urantia in liaison with an anonymous contact personality.]


It is our continuing mission to present an enlarged comprehension of the cosmos, and thereby reveal advanced truths in order to establish a heightened awareness, and a deeper understanding of God in the minds of mankind on Urantia. Albeit, a number of decades have transpired since our previous narratives and, as in our previous efforts, we are commissioned to disseminate advanced revelatory subject matter which discloses substantive information and highlights developments in local universe affairs. 

In light of your more recent discoveries and advances in electronic and wireless technologies implemented during the last half of Urantia’s 20th century, we are presently better able to introduce new technology and concepts unrevealed in our former narratives. At present, we are also mandated to disclose and define absonite mechanisms of great technological import which were not presented in the Urantia Papers of 1934, while expressing subject matter yet maintained in accordance with the guidelines currently administered by the Melchizadeks and The Constellation Fathers, The Most Highs of Norlatiadek. 

The contents of this update were compiled and authorized in compliance with the standards implemented under the sanctions currently deployed by the Quarantine of Norlatiadek, which, is a fail-safe imposition administered to sequester the effects of the wide spread system rebellion in Nebadon, and a mandate which will remain in effect until the Tribunal of the Ancients of Days reaches a final verdict in the trial of Gabriel of Salvington vs. Lucifer Filius 37 of Nebadon. 

The universe personalities who instituted and contributed to the dispensation of these works, are newly elected, trinitized members, custodians, associates, and liaisons of restructured or newly instituted universe agencies, and did not necessarily partake of the dispensation of Urantia Papers of 1934, more commonly known as “The Urantia Book”. 

We are aware that there may be certain individuals who, perhaps, doubt the source and credibility of these presentations, but we are confident that there are no deficits of truth, and our substantive revelations are not a mere fabrication of the human mind. 

As you read further into these narratives, our credibility will be established. 

The actualization of these, as well as our previous narratives can be attributed to the mortal achievements of “clear mind” and an intimate Truth Adjuster (the indwelling Father fragment) relationship.

We are presently commissioned to also reveal the contact process employed in the materialization of authorized revelatory disseminations, thereby reinforcing comprehension and eliminating doubt or confusion. 

As demonstrated in our previous narratives, we are confident the reader will be enthralled by these presentations, and in certain instances, perhaps become overwhelmed by the scope and magnitude of our disclosures.

These narratives contain documented transcripts permissibly extrapolated from the panoramic universal archives known as The Sacred Akastia Absonata, which exist in the embodiment of a stationary dome located on the northern axial polar center of Jerusem, which remains the headquarters and capital sphere of your successfully reorganized local universe system formerly known as “Satania.”

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