The History of Pride, Rebellion, and Justice

[Presented by a Trinitized Son of Destiny, in liaison with a Perfector of Wisdom, enlisted in the Supreme Forces of Lanandatia.]

Due to the wide spread system rebellion in Nebadon, Christ Michael was recalled by The Most Highs of Nortlatiadek, and rather than proceeding to Havona with the Universe Mother Spirit, he chose to remain in Nebadon to claim complete triumph and rulership over all the worlds within his potential domain by completing seven necessary bestowal missions upon his own creation, thus attaining divinity as The Eternal Christ of Nebadon. And by virtue of Christ Michael’s seven successive bestowals, in addition to gaining complete universe sovereignty as the Supreme Ruler of Nebadon, he also reclaimed Urantia by outwitting and overthrowing the evil Caligastia, and whereby, Christ Michael became the new Planetary Prince of Urantia, forever.

The long standing, now infamous trial of Gabriel of Salvington vs. Lucifer Filius, 37 of Nebadon, was placed on the dockets of the Supreme Court of The Most Highs of Uversa almost 200,000 years ago (as time is reckoned on Urantia). The trial of Lucifer was finally arraigned in an initial hearing in your year of 357 A.D. and held in The Most High Court of Uversa, which is diligently presided over by The Ancients of Days, the supreme magistrates and most high rulers of Orvonton, and who maintain jurisdiction throughout the entire superuniverse of Orvonton.

The Ancients of Days represent truth, wisdom, and the will of the Paradise Trinity in the universes of time and space. They are the trinitized custodians of justice, present in all seven superuniverses, residing in the supreme high courts located on each superuniverse capital, functioning collectively, and with ultimate authority as the Trinitized Most Highs of The Grand Universe.

These superb, trinity origin beings are the constituents of supreme justice and they are attuned to the perfect will the Paradise Trinity. The Ancients of Days are all powerful ambassadors, and the finality of justice and destiny in the Grand Universe; and, who unconditionally serve to administer perfect justice in accordance with the original and absolute truth. Never have they faltered or defected. Their rulings are, essentially, the rulings of the Paradise Trinity. One who stands before the Ancients of Days, stands before the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Under certain circumstances and conditions, the Ancients of Days convene to form a “tribunal”, which is a supreme governing body assigned to adjudicate cases of conspiracies, treason, and matters which effect an entire universe. A tribunal of the Ancients of Days is then designated as a judicial conclave consisting of nine judges with ultimate and supreme legal experience and authority.

A tribunal consists of seven Divine Counselors, one Universal Editor (formerly designated as a “Universal Censor”), and one Perfector of Wisdom, who also serves as chief justice and spokesperson.

These highly evolved, most high rulers and ultimate administrators of justice each possess super-qualified experiential backgrounds, convening to form one unified, but diverse governing body dedicated to administering supreme values and judgments in accordance with the perfect will of the Paradise Trinity.

Even though they may differ in opinion from time to time, they deliberate amongst themselves and the decisions of the Ancients of Days are always absolute, final, and never subject to “appeal”. The will of the Ancients of Days is the will of the Paradise Trinity.Each of the seven superuniverses is presided over by these trinitized, most high supreme magistrates. Although languages vary from universe to universe, The Ancients of Days, individually and collectively, ultimately represent one absolute language, the truth.

It was determined that a tribunal of the Ancients of Days be assigned to the case of Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of Salvington vs. Lucifer Filius 37, a Lanonandek Son of Nebadon. Lucifer was the 37th expression and joint offspring of Creator Son, Christ Michael, and her majesty, Crista Maya, the universe mother spirit of Nebadon. Lucifer was created as a primary Lanonandek Son. Lanonandeks are experiential beings and are known to be created perfect, but with the insurrections that have occurred, history may have proven otherwise.Lucifer was an extremely outstanding Lanonandek, and a brilliant “Son of Great Promise”, and one who was well liked, having gained much respect from the universe administrators of Nebadon, among others.

Lucifer was destined to become the leader of the “The Supreme Forces of Nebadon”, a corporal position assigned to him by Christ Michael, which was an administrative position to delegate authority in overseeing life implantation missions; establish training schools on new planets; and to institute planetary governments on worlds of higher evolution belonging to Nebadon, and in accordance with the agenda set by Nebadon Administrators.

Satan, like Lucifer, was also created a primary Lanonandek Son. Satan was named after the small and onetime relatively stabile galactic system named “Satania”, a newer, fertile galaxy consisting of 619 life bearing planets existing in the Norlatiadek constellation of Nebadon. “Satania” is located on the circumferential edge of the superuniverse, Orvonton. The word “Satania” is of Satvula origin (local universe language) meaning “peaceful haven”; and is also referred to as “Satananda” meaning, “peaceful abyss”. Ironically, history again has proven otherwise.

Although having possessed less than the stunning personality attributes of Lucifer, Satan was of quick wit, and at times, sarcastic, and oftentimes secretive, and reclusive. Satan was highly capable of delegating and maintaining certain administrative powers and had been chosen by Lucifer to be his first in line confidant, assisting Lucifer in organizing system affairs, and aiding in the implementation of life establishment agendas throughout Satania’s life potential planets in the southern minor sector of the galaxies of Nebadon, which was a segment that was growing at a extremely rapid rate.

Satan was dubbed, “The Sultan of Satania” and for many ages, he served as both Lucifer’s “right hand man”, and his personal representative on the worlds of Satania.

Satan, in turn, had chosen Caligastia, Lanonandek Son 9344 of secondary order (granted by Melchizadek certification), who was destined to become the first “Planetary Prince of Urantia”. Caligastia Ceasares I was a crude, but forceful personality, and despite his ideas and plans being rejected on numerous on occasions by the Constellation Fathers and Melchizadeks, Caligastia remained intent, and was chosen by Satan for the difficult task of developing a new, beautiful, world known as, “606 of Satania.”

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