I emailed the originator of Update 2020​

Hello World. This has been brought to my attention and I need to share it with you. An anonymous contact personality is claiming to have recieved new Urantia Papers through mind networks of the Infinite Spirit. 

I read these papers with scepticism but was left washed away by it’s strange magnificence and likeness to the original papers.

I contacted the email address mentioned in the text. I share with you this excerpt regarding grammatical errors. 

Greeting again, Norway,
   Thank you for your response.  It should be made known that in order to maintain complete anonymity, there were no 3rd party editors, or proof readers involved with the transcription of Update 2020, and final drafts were processed through a computerized grammar and spell correct program.  This inadvertently caused the spelling of certain words to be changed  (according to the spell correct program, “Melchizedek” being one) and several other typographic inconsistencies were overlooked. But the content and depth of the narratives was unaltered.
   Subsequent to publishing Update 2020, grammatical inconsistencies were brought to our attention, but it was decided to allow the obvious human errors, in favor of the reader  naturally deciphering truth from typographical errors.  It should also be made known, the first printings of the Urantia Book also contained typographic inconsistencies that required additional editing, despite the numerous editors, and proofreaders involved in publishing the first printing of the book. 
    We remain confident that the reader will  overlook any human error in favor of  acknowledging substantial content.  However, if it pleases you to make any correction to the existing typographical errors, you have permission do do so, provided content is not altered.
    Please provide us a link to your web page after you post the narratives.   
Extending sincere gratitude for your enthusiasm for wanting to share these wonderful, new revelations, with hope they will enlighten and inspire all  who read them.

People seem to be highly sceptical about these so-called new Urantia papers, and there has been false claims before. 

You decide for yourself. 

I’m just saying, let’s look into it together and study what we think. 

I approached this with curiosity and scepticism, but was left astounded and enthusiastic. That’s why I’m going to great lengths to share it with anyone for free.

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