The Sacred Akastia Absonata

[Presented by a Universal Editor, enlisted in the Supreme Forces of Lanandatia, under the authority of The Magnificent Forces of The Eternal Christ.] 

The Sacred Askastia Absonata are the deified, omnipresent, panoramic, infinite memory records, and permanent universal archives which employ a virtual transport- broadcast and receiving network, chronologically documenting all lives and personal experiences in the universes of time and space, through the adjutant mind circuits of The Infinite Spirit, and other diverse orders of beings; as witnessed and recorded by indwelling and self-acting Monitors, Seraphic Guardians, and Ascending Sons of God. 

This unique, absonite mechanism harbors a vast memory manifested in a medium of living crystal, comprised of words, symbols, audio, visual, and several multi-dimensional and sensory formats undiscovered by your world at the time of these presentations.

Omni-receptive, living crystal imprint data is accessed upon the demand of system sovereigns, universe administrators, and ministering spirits throughout the capitals and planetary systems in the Supreme Networks of Orvonton.

“The Akastia Archives” are the permanent, qualified, eternal chronological documentation of all relevant experiences and events in the universes of time and space, composed of a “living” crystalline substance preserved and cultivated in a three-fold, multi-dimensional, reflective universe broadcast and receiving, mechanism.

“The Akastia Records” are the ever expanding memory of all memories, and the plight of all souls, containing detailed, and constantly accumulating “living” files which document life experiences in the unfolding universes of time and space.

The Akastia Records are the cornerstone of justice, an eternal fountainhead of truth, and a foundation of true dimension for all that is. 

The “platforms” of The Sacred Akastia Absonata are edited by the Universal Editors (formerly dispatched as “Universal Censors”), and organized by the Stellar Librarians of the Crystal Archives. These precious, defied chronicles are an necessity in judicial proceedings, and eternally harbor the “Minutes of Days” as well as hosting several orders of Daynals (including the Perfections and Eternals), Avonals, Voices, and many more. The Sacred Akastia Absonata (archives and records) are utilized extensively in the processes of local universe administrations and are elemental in life reviews, essential for the re-personalization of evolutionary souls on the Mansion Worlds.

The Akastia Archives also serve as a super-qualified witness providing documented testimonials which reflect actualized realities of experiential circumstances presented in multi-perspective points of view, similar to the placement of multiple camera angles, but hosted by living beings.

The personal “Truth” or “Destiny” Adjuster contributes highly to the data harbored in the Akastia Absonata, for in addition to serving many purposes, the Adjuster also serves as a “monitor/ recorder”. Subsequent to the end of mortal life, and if Adjuster fusion is not attained, the once indwelling personal Truth Adjuster, prior to returning to Divinington, merges with the Sacred Akastia Absonata in a marvelous union which presents the life chronicles of the mortal subject as an Adjuster validated, permanent record in the Akastia Archives. In effect, the mortals life becomes literally “written in stone”, and recorded in “the Book of Life.”

The Akastia Archives are eternal, permanent records, and a fundamental privilege extended to Divine Counselors by the Melchizadeks, and Constellation Fathers, and are frequently employed as a writ of evidence in adjudication proceedings when presented before the Most High Courts; or produced upon the demand of Divine Counselors; and are ultimately summoned by mandate of The Ancients of Days.

Unlike the judicial processes in civil and criminal courts on Urantia, and where, in most cases, an opening plea of “guilty” or “not guilty” is a required benchmark to set the standard for judgment (based on allegations and here say, which would require further discovery by actual evidence and testimony to be proven in court), the Akastia Absonata becomes a “super-bonafide” witness, which in most cases, establishes an unequivocal display of reality, and sets a standard of judgment by displaying an actual event, as witnessed by angelic beings, and in a multi-perspective, multi-dimensional presentation. In the Uversa High Court, the Akastia Archives are presented and displayed in the “Tabernacle of Justice”, which is a reflective monitor at the head of the court utilized to display an actual “play-back” of reality.

The Akastia Absonata reflects actual experiences as they unfold, and experienced from different “points of view” but with much greater scope and detail, than your modern “video cameras”. The Akastia Absonata presents “here say” as a matter of fact.

With the actual display of circumstantial reality having been established in the preliminary stages of the trial, which the event of a transgression is “played-back” in the courtroom from the perspectives of various points of view+, via “The Tabernacle of Justice” located at the head of the courtroom, the judicial standard in The Courts of The Most High of Uversa base their decisions on motive and intent. The defendants are required to prove their actions were justified by a righteous motive (and that which humbly serves), and they are judged accordingly, not only by the gravity and ramifications of the transgression, but by the motive and intent behind it.

In the central universe of Havona, “crystal personality records” are known as The Akastia Monota, while on the Isle of Paradise, they exist eternally as The Trinitized Akastia Absolutum, which uniquely express infinite reality potentials, and absolute gravity patterns of timeless perfection by reflecting and materializing the eternal will and design of the Paradise Trinity.

The Akastia Broadcast Networks are an omni-dimensional media center which transmits and receives experiential reality, and instantly merges conclaves from various portions of the universes of time and space, into one, common location.

The absonite systems of the Akastia Networks are likened to a 360 degree multi-directional, media broadcast, and receiving station containing vast libraries which reflect diversified life forms and reality coordinates by employing a living and continually evolving, “micro crystal circuitry” conjunct with the adjutant mind circuits of The Infinite Spirit, in association with the time space Network Controllers of the Grand Universe, and ultimately projected onto environmental chambers and spheres in designated areas of geographic space.

The Akastia transport mechanisms also serve to project multi-dimensional, virtual terrains, architectural structures, environmental quarters, and genetic codes. Akastia transport mechanisms are utilized for interstellar communications, and virtually merge various localities throughout the systems of Orvonton, by reflecting triaxial (Trinitized and nano shell codes) conjunct with absonite templates via transmutation, and the transmigration of pre-personal and superpersonal experiential reality coordinates. The Sacred Akastia Absonata essentially serves to document the collective experiences of The Supreme Being, and God the Sevenfold.

The Sacred Akastia Absonata is the deified expression, and divine providence of the Infinite Spirit, which is uniquely composed of “reflective crystalia”, an absonite form of absolutum, which is the most perfect substance in time and space, allowing extra-dimensional manifestation capabilities by employing internally receptive, and externally communicative omni-receptive memory banks; embedded in “smart crystal” (which, on the surface, appears to be an extremely shinny metallic substance), and also serves to attune to, and reflect the will of Trinitized deity associates by manifesting omni-receptive “living data” to and from all portions the universes of time and space.

The Askastia Broadcast Networks also project data which illuminates “the Sea of Glass” via transmission of coordinate reality reflectivity, broadcasting to and from all portions of the Grand Universe.

On personal communication levels, the crystal axial components of Akastia are employed in devices known as the “Harps of God”, which your recent “cellular” and wireless technologies are but an elementary introduction to these highly evolved, shimmering instruments of multi-octave modality. The Harps of God translates, transports, and projects, virtual reality images and dialog, and has capabilities of even far greater universe functions which are merged and distributed in a central universal clearinghouse, thus becoming the ultimate evolution of “social media” and “broadcast networking” and which eliminates the necessity of physical transportation on many levels.

We live and participate in a far-flung, but well organized universe of eternal justice and infinite mercy, whereby everything, everyone, and every deed and action is accounted for. It is literally true, “No stone shall be left unturned, every wink of the eye shall be seen, every grain of sand will be counted, and every secret will be revealed.” The Askastia Records are the “merging of angels” and cornerstone of true justice, harboring infinite amounts of continually streaming, qualified information of experiential and absolute natures.

The Quarantine of Norlatiadek does not limit or prevent the flow of incoming data, but rather, limits access or restricts certain broadcast networks of The Akastia Archives to certain portions of Nebadon.

The Sacred Askastia Absonata is not a conceptual or evolutionary experiment. It is the infinite and eternal documentation of all personal experiences, reality actualization, and the personality attainment chronicles in the worlds of time and space. Forever, no one is ever lost.

In terms of comparison to the memory systems of your 21st century computers on Urantia, the continually expanding memory storage capacity of the Askastia Absonata, (when measured in “gigahertz”), is a staggering number beyond spatial confines which represents an infinite numerical product rivaled in spatial occupation (number of digits) only by the infinite decimal fraction of 3.1415926 ad infinitum, known as “pi”, an imperfect number represented by a Greek symbol Π(rather than a number), which an infinite numerical product that reflects the ever expanding incompleteness and magnitude of the unfolding expressions of the Unqualified Absolute in time and space.

In the Central Universe, the spatial field of pre time-space reality is absolutely linear, (void of “time integration” and “distal circumferential radial distortion”). In the Havona worlds, the circumference of a circle is proportional to a numeric co-efficient of absolute 3, void of a decimal fraction.

On absonite and material levels, the presence of the Akastia Absonata resembles the planet Saturn with concentric receptor and transmission energy rings orbiting a sphere encompassing 360 crystal cylinders extending in all direction which serve to project magnificent detail, depth, and “life characteristics” to all portions of the universe..The Akastia spheres are either environmental, orbital (when employed as “artificial satellites”), or stationary when deployed on moons or polar caps. The Akastia Networks are omnipresent (in worlds not under quarantine), and, are the ultimate universe broadcast station functioning as a central “server” collectively for the entire super-universe of Orvonton. The physical presence of the Akastia Sphere is also an earmark of worlds settled in Light and Life.

In terms physical displacement, the Akastia “living crystals” have a density equivalent of approximately three times the compressed atomic particle density of “neutron stars”, but its “living” crystalline composition is far from being any form of “dark gravity”, with a density equivalent to “crystalia”, which is the prized, quintessential, universal substance of calcified, time conditioned absolutum (although not in it’s original paradisaical form), and the standard of universal currency in the worlds of time and space.

Crystalia is approximately seven times harder than carbon-based diamonds mined on Urantia, and is the most precious material substance in the Grand Universe. Mining crystalia requires deep, deep excavation into the center core of planets, moons, and certain asteroids.


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    Dreamwalker, this clue is your next piece of info. Please transceive the agency at your convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #3718. Do not delete.

  2. Allen Monteforte

    Mr.s Fister, this note is your next piece of information. Do transceive the agency at your earliest convenience. No further information until next transmission. This is broadcast #8277. Do not delete.

  3. Dale Roberts

    Most fascinating I love it when the Urantia book can be cross-referenced with other lures the akashic records as they are called in India our history of the entire universe something you might all find very interesting is that supposedly the mitchell-hedges skulls or some people call them the skulls of Belize 13in all approximately 13 Oz each contain the akashic records as well although now that I read this in the Urantia book it would make more sense they do not contain the records themselves but are in some way the receivers for the Transmissions being sent out from the akashic sphere I find it interesting that the word that your answer book uses and the word that is well known around the world are very close to the same thing I do believe I read somewhere in the Urantia book that these records are protected by Universal / controllers it ain’t right I am a firm believer completely convinced I can’t prove it not a word of it but it resonates deeply in my heart I’ll be honest I only skimmed this section I was in a bit of a hurry not sure what the conflict is if there was some question I don’t know it

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