Accelerated Universe Travel

[A Perfector of Time and Space in liaison with a Supreme Scientist of Orvonton.]

Developed by the Supreme Scientists of Orvonton, 

a “micro-mapping” process focuses “modulated light” 

which transcends, isolates, dissects, and circumvents omnipresent space “mass” contained within the spatial confines of the ultimaton’s super-microscopic absolute gravity/space field 

with a prescribed conjunction of the adjutant mind circuits of the Infinite Spirit

functioning beyond the confines of dimensional time, space, and geographic position,

thus becoming “extra-dimensional, intelligent light” 

which is “sympathetically attuned” to the exact “frequency” i.e. personal resonance (physical and mind vibrational coordinates) of the subject being virtually transported, in conjunction with a prescribed destination; 

thus creating an “ultimatonic microcosmic shortcut”, 

effectively circumventing the field of time and space and providing for the virtual transport of mind (experience) to any destination (substantive geographic destination). 

This effectively eliminates vast gaps of “space” thus eliminating the factor of distance and relative time. 

These principles are also employed by deified messengers who travel from afar throughout the vast superuniverse of Orvonton, including Trinitized Universal Messengers and other qualified hosts, thus allowing the dispatching of their virtual presence to destinations millions of light years away, and in many cases, instantaneously.

There also exists inter-superuniverse travel, the details of which we will not disclose at this time, but it is within our guidelines to say it does exist.

Your recently discovered “micro-circuitry” and “fiber optic” network devices are a noteworthy form of utilizing “intelligent light” by concentrating electrons into a microscopic field as opposed to your antiquated method of manipulating electrons within a “vacuum tube”.

Micro-mapped transportation is intuitively depicted in your more recent “outer space” acetate film dramas, characterized as a “transporter” and “beaming”.

The transmission of your “broadcast frequencies” are a primal method of reality conveyance. 

Your artificial satellites represent a new frontier; micro-processed, world wide communication on Urantia. 

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